My Experience With Faith

Growing up as a child was a lesson for me because I discovered the fact that life is a school and it only takes a process for someone to make progress.

One certain day I was broke with no money and food. I was the only one at home. I grew up in a Christian background which triggered my love for Christ. On a certain day, I heard a message from a great man of God called pastor Chris Oyakhilome. I watched him on television super screen channel, to be precise.

He talks about faith, and with faith, we can move mountains. He backed it with scriptures, which I returned to studying the Bible verse. I studied the scripture till I was filled with faith itself, so I stood up with courage to exercise my faith. The hunger kept increasing; the more I thought of food and money, the more I kept starving, so I took a stainless plate and put it on the floor with a cover on it and began to pray to ask God for miracle money after a series of minutes I will open the cover of the plate to check if money has entered I did that countless of time without seeing any result.

Until I was tired, I finally went out of the room to take some fresh air outside because I was already sweating like a Christmas goat 不不 But I was still hoping with faith that the moment I came back to that room and opened that plate, I must see money to buy food. After some hours, I went back inside the room and believed that my prayer had been answered; then I took a step of faith to open the plate; as soon as I opened the cover of the plate, lo and behold, I saw two live cockroaches inside the plate 不不不

My brother and sister, nobody told me what to do next. I ran away, leaving the two innocent cockroaches inside the plate 不不不不. NOTE THESE

Faith is never a frame; you can't frame it to make it; there are certain processes faith answers to our demands; remember, faith without work is dead. You need work to activate faith, so build your faith with works and not by words.

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