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My Family's Sanity

Bianca jolted out of her sleep suddenly; the shout from her son's room had woken her up. She went straight to his room, shaking him violently to wake him up.

The boy eventually woke up and stared into space. Suddenly tears trickled down his cheeks; he had the same nightmare again. Larry was a seven-year-old boy and the only son of his parents, Bianca and Freddie. He kept having nightmares where a set of angry mobs chased and eventually pushed him into a pit.

The cause of the nightmare was obvious, but were the parents ready to do anything about it? "Bianca, do you want to give me food or not?" Freddie roared from the dining room. Bianca had been in the kitchen preparing breakfast for an hour now. When Freddie saw that Bianca was still not forthcoming, he walked briskly into the kitchen and saw her turning Amala. The pot of soup on fire contained the popular Ewedu soup. He looked at the food stern, picked up the pot of soup, and emptied the contents on Bianca. She screamed as the hot soup came in contact with her skin.

Larry ran into the kitchen to see the gory scene his father had done. He rushed to his mother's side and started crying. " Get up, you wretch; let me take you to school," Freddie yelled. He picked up a slice of bread and dragged Freddie out of the house, leaving his wife in severe pain. Bianca was able to call neighbors, who quickly rushed her to the hospital to treat her Burns, but she had to stay in the hospital for a while to receive treatment. When Larry got to school, he kept to himself as usual. He recalled the state he left his mother, and hot tears flooded his eyes; he wiped them off, sniffing.

He wondered why his father had to be so cruel to his mother; why did he marry her when he knew he wouldn't treat her well? Why did he get her pregnant when he knew he wouldn't love their child?

While all these thoughts clouded Larry, he was jolted back to reality when he heard his class teacher's voice. "Three minutes remaining before you submit your test papers," The teacher said.

Larry looked at his paper and saw he had written nothing reasonable. How could he read when the thoughts of his parent's failed marriage were all over him? He wrote his name and submitted his answer sheet as he walked out of the class. " Hey loser, the class teacher said you came last in the test today," Walter, the biggest boy in the school, said.

He was a bully, and one way or the other, he always found a way to annoy Larry. Even with the constant blows and kicks Larry received, he didn't hit back. As he made to enter his bike home, Walter and his boys hit him with a black nylon, and the contents dripped from his face down to his body. The contents were feces. "Eat the shit, loser," Walter and his boys cheered as Larry's bike sped past them. This was what Larry went through every day of his life. His home was a mess, and his parents fought each other without mercy. And when he came to school, he was bullied. Wasn't all of this too much for a young boy of seven?

Larry stopped his bike when he saw what was in front of it. Why didn't he just jump into this lagoon and end his plight? As he made to jump into the lagoon, passers-by saw him and quickly dragged him back; maybe it was because of the shock Larry fainted. " Your son is suffering deeply from a mental disorder. I think the things he sees, believes, and experiences are greatly troubling him. You must filter want he sees", The Doctor explained to Freddie. "One more thing, sir, if there is any problem at home, do well to solve it, as the family has a great influence on a child's well-being," said the doctor.

Mr. Freddie took Larry, and together, they went to visit his wife, Bianca. Larry later opened up to him about how he was being bullied in school. Freddie regretted how he had been abusing his wife. He was abusing both Bianca and their son. He was greatly sorry. Mental health is a very important topic. Many people are suffering, not because of physical wounds but the mental wounds. Mental health includes our emotional, physiological, and social well-being. We must protect and guide it from any illness.

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