My Favorite Childhood Experience.

My Favorite Childhood Experience: Childhood experiences are truly remarkable and memorable.

Growing up, I used to be an extremely shy and quiet girl. It was pretty intense. During my primary school days, as soon as I entered our school bus, I'd immediately place my left thumb in my mouth to sulk and cover my face with the whole of my right hand in order not to be seen at all. The fact that I was always seated with the driver in front because I bear the name of the school - MARVELLOUS MONTESSORI MODEL SCHOOL, made it poorer for me. I'd cover my face till we got to school and sometimes fall asleep in the process.

However, this wonderful personality of mine resulted in an unpalatable experience for me in my High School days (Junior Secondary School, precisely). As the Chapel Prefect of the School, I was expected to take every activity at the School Assembly in the Yoruba Language on Wednesday, as this day was separated for the preservation and upliftment of our culture.

The Wednesday I was inducted, I did all I was meant to do and was left with Prayers. I couldn't pray in the Yoruba Language and was extremely shy to explain my predicament to the teacher on duty. I was asked, but I couldn't say what the difficulty was. So, I decided to switch to the English Language.

Unexpectedly, I felt a hot and intense sensation on my cheek; my eyes started turning left and right; it was as though I was literally out of this world😊. My ears were not left behind; they started to tingle seriously. I was smacked on my right cheek by the teacher. She was so infuriated I did otherwise.

Immediately, I didn't know when I started to mumble prayers in the Yoruba Language. The slap had a great influence on me😊. This got me embarrassed and broken that entire day. The day also became a memorable one for me.

Looking back to those times and seeing the extent to which growth has occurred today is truly impressive.


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