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My First Day At The Uni.

We go out each day with the fear of returning home alive. Society is bleeding. Our movement shouldn't be kept hidden from our loved ones.

Being the first person to arrive at my hostel in UNILAG, I get the chance to choose the spot I like, and that's the most comfortable spot for me. After arranging my belongings neatly on the spot, I decided to take a nap before eating. I was about to drift off to the dreamland on the bed I laid on when I heard the opening of the door. I opened my eyes quickly and sat up on the bed, looking at the new lady that entered, pulling her bags along. "Hi, can you please introduce yourself?" the lady requested politely with a smile on getting to the middle of the room. " Oh, pardon my manners, I'm Farah," I replied, removing my glance from her. " What a pretty name! I would have said for a pretty girl but not to give you a bad impression thinking I'm a lesbian on the first day, I refrain from saying that," the new lady said humorously. I chuckled at her statement.

"My name is Joy, a 300-level student of Business Administration. You're in 100 level, right?" She asked, introducing herself. "Yeah, 100 level, Accounting," I replied with a smile. I'm proud of my discipline. "Wow, the Chartered accountant, I hail o. no wonder you get eyes for good things; you took the best spot here," She said jokingly. I laughed, amazed at her vibe. She is such a humorous person. I didn't feel like taking a nap again due to my hunger. I was famished, but I thought it was too early to start cooking, so I stood up from bed and was about to exit the room when Joy called me back. "Where are you going to?" She inquired, looking at me. "To any eatery nearby," I replied, surprised at her question. She isn't my parents, siblings, or bodyguard; why does she want to know my movement.

"I know you may be surprised at my question, but I want you to know that in this hostel, we're our sister's keeper. If you're going anywhere aside from the lecture room, it's a must you inform your roommate. may God protect us from all evil; many bad occurrences are happening around us, it even happened in this school..." I interrupted her when I heard the "bad occurrence." "Can you please gist me out of the occurrences?" I requested, leaving the doorstep. I sat beside her on her bed. She rolled her eyes playfully at me. "So you're a gist lover too; that makes us compatible," she said playfully. She cleared her throat dramatically and began, "The incident occurred when I was in 100 level; that's two years ago. I was going to a lecture in the company of some friends when we saw a flyer posted on a notice board, a picture of a lady, and written under the picture was the word; missing was on the flyer. this lady was one of the happening babes on campus; we were all surprised at this except one of us, a guy. he was the one that gave us the full information. "This lady had been declared missing by her roommates seven days ago," he told us, "really?" We all chorused, not believing our ears, "Yeah, the roommates informed the school management of her disappearance after a week of trying her number, which was unreachable; when asked by the management if she told them where she went to, the roommates said she never inform them of her movements and sometimes if they asked, she will shun them."

I doubted the news then, so I said maybe the gal went to visit one of her relations, but the guy replied that her family had been contacted, but they didn't see any traces of her " how did you get the information?" I asked him because I hate false information, " have you forgotten that my Dad is the Dean of Biology department and the lady is in the Biology department, so my Dad was the first person her roommates walked to" the guy replied with pride, " oh, we have forgotten, you're the Biologist child" one of our friends had teased him. We all laughed, forgetting about the missing lady until we saw her corpse on campus a few days after. Her corpse was dumped at the front gate of the school by her abductors at midnight. It was a security guard at the front gate that saw the corpse in the morning. All her private parts had been cut off; it was an ugly sight. Her family was contacted immediately; they came to take her corpse. The University went on a day holiday in honor of her death, but that doesn't bring her back" Joy ended the story with unshed tears in her eyes while my face was soaked with tears. I was touched and frightened by the story.

"It was two years ago, but it's still fresh in my mind; I was shocked," Joy said, shaking her head sadly, " that's why I said you should update the roommates of your movement." I hugged her in appreciation for sharing the useful information with me. Since that day, I didn't keep my movement a secret from my roommates and parent.

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