My Hero

For those who fought for good to life even if they had to rest on...Gently smile, relive the moments; Sit, run through the stars;

Gently smile, relive the moments,
Sit, run through the stars,
Sigh, you tore through the torments,
The grace has been graced,
Glory gave, justice jolting out,
Alas, you can rest, roar in peace, no disgraced.
Mercy and virtue will follow you up, roundabout,
When you stay surrounded by stars, amazing,
Dwelling in a scenery so beautiful, full of dignity,
Legion of angels to welcome you with hymns so entertaining,
Thank you, my hero, for helping humanity.
Greet the streets of the aftermath, walk-in stardom,
Let them salute, worshipping you in the golden court,
While you relax, resting in God's bosom.
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