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My Lagos Life

Lagos city was the cradle of my growth; The beautiful place has always been known as home;

Lagos city was the cradle of my growth,
The beautiful place has always been known as home,
It was there I learned my first words– love and responsibility,
For that was what it entailed in our daily living.

In year one while I grew my first teeth and learned to crawl,
I watched the little boys and girls in the neighborhood play and run,
With envied envy, I ran to my mother’s bosom as my pleady eyes beg to join the boys,
But my bone was no match for their bones neither was my jaw a match for their jaws.
My bone soon grew strong and I was allowed to join the boys,
I ran along paths and thread along dusty grounds,
While we all sing, dance and chant after school time,
With increased liveliness, energy, and boisterous excitement.
A decade later, stronger and wiser, jaws clenched in fire,
Lagos came to me in a different light and I saw its beauty with a different eyeliner,
I appreciated the green lawns and trees that spread across the cardinals,
I loved it when we went down up on the bridges and the clean rivers seemed distant,
The market place which was tormenting soon became soothing
when you see the joy and love in the eyes of the noisy market woman.

Two decades later now grown up and fit to call a legal man,
The grind and hustle of Lagos got infused in our blood and heart,
I learned to fish and bustle my way to the crowded bus park,
And those pretended anger and feigned annoyance after the bus conductor refused us balance,
With great fervor, we strolled with our empty belly to the best city bukkas,
After which we jammed our way to nightclubs and party houses.
It wasn’t just fun, it was enjoyment and excitement at maximum,
And now as I recount and ponder I know there is still more to explore like a curious explorer,
The beautiful places that are in innumerable count,
The ocean and beach that goes white in the summertime,
While my feet’s and eyes widened from the sweet water bath.

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