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My Man

Lust and deception written by ADENIRAN FAVOUR...Mattie and I were classmates. Everyone avoided him at school including me but when I found his top secret. I felt pity for him when I discovered that he was an adopted child.

The Donalds had been married for years, but they had no child. They saw him by the roadside in a cot on their way to the hospital. They knew how risky it was but couldn't bring themselves to leave the little child. They ended up taking him to the police station, but no one came for him, so they took him and gave him the name Matthew, but everyone called him Mattie. He told me the whole story about himself.

We became close day by day, and this got everyone surprised. We fell in love. He appears everywhere I am, regardless. I was coming out of the ladies one day at school when I bumped into him; I almost jumped out of my skin. He was quick to hold me, and the moment he touched me, I felt an electric shock run down my spine. My heartbeat was just more than normal. He felt me shivering, so he stepped back and smiled at me. I lost my voice till he left.

He traveled out of the country to further his education. He promised to keep in touch, which he did. To my surprise, he knew every guy that came my way and would tell me not to accept them and that he would be back to marry me soon. He came back as promised, and we got married, but the marriage was hell. He was someone who did it roughly. He ties me to the bed and beats me. Sometimes he rapes me. He comes home drunk. His attitude changed totally from when we were young in love. I couldn't report him to anyone because I felt it was my marriage, my own home; I had to build it, so I endured it all.

Saturdays, he goes to the gym in the morning and returns by 12 noon. That day seemed different; he didn't return early. I tried his numbers, but it wasn't going through. I started panicking, but at the same time, I felt relieved. Later in the evening, news got to me that he was found dead, then I lost it, but it was all a show. Families and friends came to comfort me, and for months I mourned him.

His family advised that I move on with my life since I'm still young and attractive. I rejected him at first, thinking all men were the same until I met James, who treats me well. It's my birthday; Jame decided to treat me to lunch. We got to the eatery. We headed in holding hands, but as we walked to the entrance, someone bumped into me; I couldn't believe who it was. I thought he was dead, but he was staring at me right in front of me". Mattie?.

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