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My Meeting With A Special Mad Man

There are blessings in disguise in people's life. For me, I fed not just a madman but an angel.

On the 1st day of October, Saturday, after our prayer and fasting with our kids(it's for our kids, but at this stage, we are fully involved) When we finished I decided to enter the market and buy things for making special pap for them. I finished buying everything and noticed I still had 1000 with me; I decided to use it to buy tomatoes and keep them. When I got to the woman selling tomatoes, I priced half delica; she told me las 1000 for the one I wanted to buy. As I was about to buy it, I heard a voice that told me to don't! Keep that money you will need.

Meanwhile, the woman had gotten black nylon to package the tomatoes; I quickly told her to chair! Madam, please don't worry. I wasn't sure of what I wanted to tell her because I had shown interest in buying her tomatoes. The woman signed and gave me that kind of wicked! I understood how she felt, but I boldly left regardless of my guilty feelings.

As I left, I didn't figure out anything about what happened, so I decided to buy something else with the money along the way. I entered keke to return to stoop to buy the thing I had in mind. It happened that I forgot to stop as planned, and also I passed the short route I was supposed to follow home. When I finally stopped, I was really upset with myself.

What is wrong with me this morning? That was the question I asked myself. Where should I go from here now? These questions came from me as I came down from Keke because I had passed my route. I decided to cross the main road a follow a small, narrowed, busy part just to cross another part of the road and track home.

As I put my head toward that narrow busy road, I looked to the left and saw a tall slim, tattered, and dirty man coming in my direction. I decided to use a special kind of person because men his look is so scary and not normal to me. I hurriedly wanted to walk fast to avoid him, but he greeted me smiling. Hmmm! I greeted him back, but I was still walking fast to avoid him. But he started talking to me with this consistent smile on his face.

Oh! God, I said in my mind, if all day, today, eeeeh! I don't understand oooooo. He raised his voice and told me to take it easy to cross that gutter there so that I would not fall into it. What if I fall into that gutter people will laugh at me. I told him, okay, thank you, trying to cross the gutter so that he would mind his business and leave alone. As I crossed the gutter and was rejoicing that at least he should just move one corner, but no, he came closer. As he came closer, he started talking; you are a good person oooo; it seems your house is close to this place. Had a! God! I decided to answer him, yes, my house is up there he said okay. So, where are you heading now? See me see the question. I quickly told him that I wanted to go and buy something.

The funny part was that people were passing, and we were gazing at ourselves and laughing. The way they were giving us space on that big road, you will just pity me. But I was just moving, thinking about how I entered into that kind of wahala that day. So when he heard that I was going to buy something, she opened her hands, and I saw; #10, #50, and #100 in his hand. He brought out the #100 and asked me to add it to my money to go and buy what I wanted to buy. I smiled and asked him to keep it. He said no, take! People were still avoiding us oooo🙈🙈🙈, but as of then, I was calm in my spirit. I then asked him, have you eaten anything this morning? He said no that he has no money to eat now, but you are giving me the one you have. I told him okay, let me buy you food, but keep you #100 for now; you will need it to buy water.

He started laughing at me, saying that he didn't need it. That was how I started looking around to see where to buy food for him. We later saw a catcher along the road as we moved down. We entered, and we saw men there, young men and old sitting eating rice, pap, and akara. I asked him to sit down and tell the woman what he wanted to eat. Everybody stood up for him because of his look. As in, oh! God. He was busy smiling; they were looking both at him and me. I wonder what was going on in their mind. I asked him what he wanted to eat.

He told the woman to give him two Akara to be eating first; he should give him rice and kpomo. And he still asked me to collect the money and add to the one I was having. I collected the money from him and gave it back to him and asked him to keep the money back that he would need it. He added again; I know you are a good person. I paid for his food from that #1000 that I wanted to use to buy tomatoes and gave him the balance and hold because that was only money with me at that time. What if I didn't listen to that voice? Hmmmm😭 There was something that was planned that I wasn't aware of.

After paying for the food, I told him that I was going, and he appreciated me and told me to have a wonderful October. As I was going, he called me back. What is your name? I told him, Favour! He said okay, remain Favoured. I left. People there were still surprisingly looking at us; it was only the woman selling the food that told me that I had fed a special person. That I should mark it. Hmmm!

As I was going, I was pondering many things. God, Did you set this man on my way just to give him food? I was full of joy that at least I had solved that little problem. I felt this unusual joy within, and I kept remembering that drama full this moment. That was when the drama that happened, from buying tomatoes to passing the short route I should have followed, was clear to me.

Life is a mystery, there are some dealing in life you might not understand, but you have to follow dully. Imagine how Abraham took care of angels on their way to destroy Sodom in the Bible; you know the rest of the story, naa...Sometimes we study Bible without preparing ourselves to practice it. I learned a lot from this. He looked mad, but he wasn't; that is a can say from my observation. Sometimes, God uses the foolishness of this world to display his wisdom. Yesterday, we were told a deeper story of Lazarus and a rich man.

Richness is not only when you have abundant or when it is flowing out. If your heart is rich enough, you will go far in life. Richness is of the heart, wisdom! If you are not divinely blessed with the abundance of God's wisdom and knowledge, you will miss a lot of God's blessings in your life. You need divine wisdom to get certain things done. As you are praying that God should bless you, please also pray to be a blessing.

Thank you, and God bless you. Have a sweet holiday. Don't forget to share. Note: This is not his picture, but equivalent to the special person I meet.

© Favour Uchndu✍️

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