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My Most Embarrassing Moment

A true life story of one moment in my life that still makes me cringe in embarrassment...

While I have had a healthy number of embarrassing moments in life, I think this one holds the topmost position in my memory. A few years ago(Maybe 5/6), I was terribly sick. I was down with malaria, and the symptoms were very prominent. Unfortunately, that was also the day I had slated to return back to school (I was in the University back then). I have this tradition of going to the market in my hometown and buying all the main foodstuff I'll need for the semester as this method was cheaper and suited my personality as an introvert.

So that fateful day, even though I was as sick as a sick dog, I gathered my morale and borrowed my dad's ATM card(Of course, it's his money I would use for shopping, what were you expecting?). I headed to his bank so I'd make a withdrawal and then enter the market. Now this particular Bank (Name withheld) is infamously fond of trying to murder its customers by killing them through a cold(My thoughts sha). What I meant was that they are known for trying to use their AC to freeze innocent customers. Every time you enter that bank, the cold just hits you smack! On your face. That was the bank your innocent sister went to o.

I joined the queue as I awaited my turn. A few minutes later, my bodily reactions made me aware of the bad choice I had made in coming here. But I am a stubborn somebody; I decided to endure. A not-so-long and not-so-short while later, it was my turn, and I withdrew ASAP; glory to God! Immediately my card came out of the machine, I ran outside, and that was where Wahala started.

This bank is situated in a very strategically busy area, with loading points for okada(motorcycle) and Keke(tricycle) drivers. Hawkers were present also; of course, this is Nigeria, and beggars were there too. My point is it was a busy day.

As I rushed out, the hot sun hit me, and my already weakened body couldn't take the trauma of trying to adjust from the cold atmosphere we had just left to the hot atmosphere we entered... Before I could say JACK!, My feet were carrying me to where I no know(a nearby gutter, actually), and then I was bending, and then I threw up! Guys, I vomited in front of all that crowd!

That was when the voices started coming in ... Some were sympathizing, some were mocking me. And as Nigeria is Nigeria, some looked pointedly at my finger and saw the lack of a ring, and what I heard was...."Who be the father, na?" "The Papa don run?" And stuff like that... I couldn't even look up. My salvation was a Keke that just rode close to me and called the name of the location I was heading to; I immediately flagged him and jumped into the Keke in order to escape the censorious eyes. Of course, I didn't go back to school that same day .... Or the next...


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