My Mother; Your Mother.

Mother, I love you. This is a praise poem - panegyric. - for our mothers. I still feel overwhelmed.

Ìyá ni wúrà;
Bàbá ni dígí.

Iyá, it's a wonder how you do this. 
How do you manage to be awake all night;
Chasing away those flies
That bit me and you; including your husband. 
Iya n'iya mi.

How do you do it, I still do not know? 
How you manage to raise your offspring, 
I do not know.
How you sit outside your house every morning,
Selling dried groundnut,
Communicating with the hot coals. 
Iya mi. 

I wonder how you do it,
How you sent Aunty Aríike to school,
With your daily chorus of "E r'ata e s'ebè",
And your sonorous voice that chants every morning, 
"Àkàrà elépo re o".

My mother; your mother,
The one with an everlasting secret;
The one who knows how to remain strong;
How to feed us with " múrí marùún (#200)",
Notwithstanding the debt and "owó lapo". 
The flies of debt always perching around you. 
Iya ni wura.

I'm now nineteen;
I'm a year closer to becoming a lady.
Still, I do not understand how;
How you remained beautiful, 
Even when you were beaten by rain,
And when you were spent by the sun.
I love you. 
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