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My Name Is Cain

The story of Cain in Genesis four is a story we should look into. Why would Cain kill his own flesh and blood? What could have led to that? What if God was partial. My name is Cain; it is the story of what happened before the evil day Abel was murdered.

Chapter 1

The story of the bible is the world's best story ever told. It talks about our physical life and touches every other aspect, including our spiritual lives. But you will all agree with me that there are some stories that didn’t give us the full details of what really happened, how it happened, and even why it happened.  

I’ve heard people tag me as a murderer because I killed my own brother, Abel. I never denied that because it is true, I did it. And I was really dealt with for that. But what you all don’t know is what has been happening before that evil day. 

My name is Cain, and this is my story.

Genesis 4:1 And Adam knew his wife, Eve and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the lord.  

I was the first son of my parents, ADAM and EVE. They were the first human our God made. Many of you would argue that they were humans on earth before my parents came to be, but that’s not true.  

You can only say they were creatures or other kinds of being before them but definitely not humans.  I was born when things were really difficult for my parents. 

They had to drag their butt on the ground just to see the food to eat. And that contributed to my kind of upbringing; I was brought up in a very hard way.  

The only people I knew were my parents, and God knows I was always tired of seeing them sometimes because it’s just the same routine every single day. My life was so boring and empty. Sometimes I wondered why I was even born.  

My father made me tilled the ground with him, trust me, it was never funny. We would stay in the field from morning till evening, and sometimes, we would sleep over without dinner.  

Over time, things began to get a little bit okay; our plants began to grow, and little rain began to fall. I was truly hardworking, and I started loving and appreciating my father’s effort to provide for his family. But the love I had for my parents began to die the day I found out they had been keeping a big secret from me. 

I have always wondered why life was difficult for us, and whenever I asked my father, his response was never satisfying to me. One day, we left for the farm as usual, and while we were working,  

I started having a very disturbing stomach. “Father, I need to get home now. I feel unwell.” I informed him. “Alright, son, hurry and be back soon. We still have more fields to cover.” “Yes, father, I’ll be back,” I said and ran off immediately.  

When I got home, mum was away. She must have gone out to look for where she’d get water from. The grounds were so dry and strong that it was really difficult to break through for water. I quickly went to use the toilet to offload whatever was bubbling inside me. After I was done, I decided to take a rest.  

I laid my head on my father’s bed and was just glaring at the rooftop. I have always been in his room since I was born, but I saw something I had never noticed that day. It was a box.  

I know I should never touch my dad’s private property. Mum has always taught me that. She would always say, “Cain, whatever your father says, you should never touch, don’t even go close to it.” And when I tried to ask why she would yell at me and warn me not to ever question her. “Just do as you are told, you hear me?” she’d add. Father was the head of the family, but the mother seemed to be the boss. I had no problem with my father at all, but I would trade a place to be away from my mother, anytime and any day. She was always nagging.  

I pulled the box out of its place. It looks so dusty and old. I opened it and was surprised at what I saw. 

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