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My Name Is Cain (chapter 10)

“Did I just hear you say, you can’t?” a voice spoke from within my head.

I turned to see who that was, but there was no one, just us. “So you will just let him go after everything he did?” The voice was the serpent. “But he already apologized; why should he still go ahead?” I asked blankly. “Think about what he will still take from you. Perhaps your children, even your wife.” I chose to listen to the serpent rather than the still voice telling me not to go ahead with my initial plans. I quickly ran after Abel to catch up with him because he had left me to hide. I lured him to the valley, where I could easily dump his body, and no one will ever suspect. “Brother, I don’t like this place. It’s scary.” He said, with so much innocence on his face.“Don’t worry; I’ve been to this place before. I want to show you something.”

We went further down to the valley, and when he saw there was no way forward, he turned to know what was going on. “Brother, are you sure we are in the right place?” “Yes, this is where I have always wanted you to be, so I can finally have my revenge.” Immediately, fear gripped him. He just had no chance to defend himself because I was already holding a hold and my arrowhead. “What are you talking about?” he asked with a shaky voice. “You stole everything that ever makes me happy. You made me look like a fool countless times, and because of you, I had been through shit.” “Brother, please don’t do this. Remember, you are my only brother. Please don’t ‘kill me.” I really wished I had listened to him, but his presence alone was a pain to me. I thought of what I would gain if I killed him; Awan will be mine, I’ll get my clothing back, I’ll be in charge of the flocks, and mother will redirect her love back to me. “I’m sorry, Abel; rest in peace.”

He tried running, but I was fast enough to swing the wood in his direction, and that hit him on his head. I watched as he fell to the ground, his head was already bleeding, and he was only shouting, “God, please revenge me.” I chuckled and went closer to him. “No one knows we are here, not even God. So how is going to revenge for you?” I struck harder on his head, the wood. And finally used my arrowhead to slice his throat. His last words were, “May God punish you.” Immediately life went out of him; I came back to my senses and realized I had killed my only brother. I felt weak and cried so loud for him to come back. The voice that was leading me abandoned me immediately. “No, no, no, what have I done? Abel!” I groaned. I mourned his death and stayed with him till evening. I cleaned up and left the valley like nothing ever happened. 

Father and Mother, including Azura and Awan, were all worried and waiting for us to return. The second they saw me, they all came to me. “Where’s my husband?” Awan asked. “Abel? I was in the field; I was never with Abel.” That was really weird because they know Abel never wanders around. He was always indoors or with the flock. “What do you mean you were with him?” Mother asked suspiciously. “I’ve been in the field all day. I have not seen Abel.” Azura, my wife and also my sister, was the only one who knew I was with Abel because I had mentioned to her earlier that I would be going to his place. I grabbed her arm, and I led her to the house. “What happened to Brother Abel?” “He was attacked!” “What? You should tell father.” “No. not now. Don’t mention it to anyone,” I warned and went to take my bath. Mother was so restless and worried. Awan could not also sleep that night. I could hear her crying and praying to God to bring her husband back home.

Father could not also sleep because Mother won’t allow him. That same night, he left the house to go look for Abel. That was the only way a mother could stop disturbing him. I lid on my bed, trying to sleep, but my mind was clouded with the thought of Abel; everything that happened in the valley continued to reply in my head. I stood up, grabbed my clothes, and left the house to get some air outside. Suddenly, I sensed a presence. The atmosphere changed, and I knew the spirit of God had come. Genesis 4:9-15 “WHERE IS ABEL, YOUR BROTHER?”

That question stroke fears deep inside my heart. I remembered he could see my thought, so I tried not to think anything. “I don’t know. Why does everyone keep asking me about Abel? Am I my brother's keeper?” I said rudely. “CAIN, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? WHY AM I HEARING ABEL CRYING FOR REVENGE?” “How am I supposed to know? You are the Omniscience here; you should know.” “YOUR BROTHER’S BLOOD CRIES TO ME FROM THE GROUND. BECAUSE OF THIS THING YOU HAVE DONE, YOU ARE CURSED FROM THE EARTH.” My evil deed had been exposed, and there was no way I could hide it. I became so much afraid like never before. The last time I hurt Abel, I ran away for almost a week; now that I had killed him, I may have to run and never return. I became so remorseful and regretted my actions more. “YOU WERE COMPLAINING OF HOW HARD IT WAS FOR YOU TO GROW CROPS ON THE GROUND; THIS TIME, THE EARTH IS NOW AGAINST YOU. YOU WILL TILL THE GROUND, AND NOTHING WILL YIELD FOR YOU.” “Oh no, Lord.” I cried. My heart bleeds. My tears flow. My headache and my soul cry. I went on my knees and begged. “A FUGITIVE AND A VAGABOND, YOU WILL BE ON EARTH. YOU HAVE BEEN REJECTED BY ME AND BY EVERYONE YOU KNOW.”

“Lord, it’s better you kill me. My life is meaningless right now. The earth I walk on earth me, you have rejected me, and my parents won’t want to ever see me. The animals and every other creature will be after me, both wild and domestic. Both those on land, in water, and in the air. What else do you live for?” All over me was sorrow, panic, confusion, loss, depression, pain, and any bad thing you could ever imagine. “WHOEVER COMES AFTER YOU, VENGEANCE WILL BE TAKEN ON HIM, EVEN SEVEN-FOLDS.” That was like a relief, but I still could not bear the punishment. “Please, Lord, can you shorten the days of my punishment…..?” Before I would complete my question, I got struck by lightning on my face, leaving me with a permanent scar. “NOW LEAVE.” Just like my parents, I was sent away from my home. All I had labored for were taken from me, and I was left with nothing. My wife, Azura, agreed to go with me, so I could have seeds of my own on earth. Together I journeyed as far as our legs could take us.

We journeyed through the desert, wilderness, forest, on dry land, and water. The only reason we were not consumed by the beast and other wild animals was because of the scar on my face. It was like God’s protection on me. Life became even harder than I ever imagined. We no longer eat vegetables because the earth made sure every green plant dies around us. We now depend on meat and other products from animals. My name is Cain; this is my story. I screwed up. Yes, I did.

My name is CAIN- the CURSE man, the ABANDONED man, the INSECURE man, and the man that was NEGLECTED. Please don’t be like me; learn from my story and amend your ways. Obey the Lord your God, for he knows what is right for everyone. When evil comes knocking on the door of your heart, please don’t open the door. There is nothing good in evil. Don’t be like me. If I’m given a second chance, I’ll make good use of it. MY NAME IS CAIN.



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