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My Name Is Cain

MY NAME IS CAIN is an abstract Bible story. It talks about the life of Cain; Adam’s first son, according to the bible. The bible didn’t provide the full details of what really made CAIN go to the extent of murdering his own brother. And even what may have been happening before then. So out my imagination, I decided to make something out of the story. Having a complete knowledge about something helps us take the proper decision. MY NAME IS CAIN is just the imaginative work of the author but it’s a book every Christian and even non-Christian, story lovers and film makers should read. For the fun of it and also to learn from others mistake.


Inside the box were different items owned by father and mother; clothes made from leaves, footwear made from woods, and different paintings. Mother was very beautiful, and their father looked so young and muscular.  

I wondered what went wrong. I stared at my mother’s picture for a while, and I must say, I had this unexplainable feeling out of nowhere. 

“Is she not beautiful?” 

I heard a voice behind me, but there was no one there when I looked. I continued going through the stuff. Father and mother were always happy, and they lived in a very beautiful garden.  

They had fountains of water, different fruits, trees, and green plants. What on earth happened to our home?  

I was really angry, and I wanted answers. I heard my mother’s steps, so I quickly packed the items into the box, except my mother’s painting. I really loved it. Well, I thought I did; I was possessed with her beauty, kinda. When she walked in, my mother, I saw, was not what was in the painting. Life had really dealt with her so much.  

“Cain, how is it that you are home now? Where is your father?” she asked as I helped her with the clay she was carrying. “I had a bad stomach, so I told father I’d be back. I came to use the toilet.” I answered. “Guess what, son.” What could possibly be surprising to me? I found it difficult to think of anything. “Mother, what is it? Tell me.” “Make sure you don’t tell your father until he’s back.” “I won’t, I promise.” “I’m pregnant,” she announced joyfully.  

She sounded so excited. I wasn’t even sure I knew what that meant. I was only able to get her point when she continued to rub her tummy. “Ohh, you are going to have another child? Will it be a boy like a girl or me?” I jumped up out of excitement. I was happy for her. Seeing how she was, compared to the painting I saw, made me shed tears for her. “Ann awnn, why are you crying?” “Nothing, mother. It’s nothing.” “Alright. I love you, son. Make sure you protect your father out there, okay.” 

I left immediately to meet my father in the field. He was already asleep when I got there. I stood and stared at him for a long time, still wondering why he looked so old. His beards were overgrown and tattered, his big chest had gone flat, and his muscles were no longer visible. I quietly went to continue from where he stopped. When he woke up, I really wished to ask him questions, but I wasn’t sure if he would be happy that I went through his stuff.  

“Father, may I ask you something?” I finally summoned some courage. “Go on, son. What is it?” “So many things have been bothering me lately, but I just don’t know how to relate them to you.” “Son, you can tell me anything. You are my son.” He assured me.  

“What happened to our home?” “What home are you talking about? Of course, nothing.” “Dad, I mean the beautiful garden. Where’s it?”  

I noticed the shock on his face. He couldn’t hide it, and I wasn’t ready to let that question slide. “I do not want to talk about that now, son.” He answered after about ten seconds of pondering. 

“But Dad, please. I want to know. What are you not telling me?” I interjected and raised my voice at him. “Be quiet, Cain. You will do just as I said, and right now, I say we go home.” He yelled back. I was so sad and angry. I could feel my blood boiling and my bones cracking. He was my father, and I could not do anything about that. Maybe that was when my anger issue began.  

Well, don’t blame me for that; I inherited it from him. He also had anger issues, and only his mother knew just how to calm him down. I loved them so much about my parents that regardless of how difficult things were, they still loved each other. Their love continued to grow and renew daily. I truly envied that.  

I quickly gathered the farm tools while he waited. He saw how unhappy I was. “Son, I promise to tell you everything you want to know when the time comes.” He said, patting my back. “When will that be?” I asked. He looked around and spotted a portion of the field that we had not even touched. “The day you can drill through the ground, I will tell you everything.” That sounds fair. My countenance came alive again. “Alright, father, leave it to me.” We began walking home, smiling and chatting. “We need more hands. We still have a large field to cover,” he said. “Speaking of more hands, Mother is pregnant,” I revealed. “What?” I screwed up. I couldn’t keep the promise I made to mother. “What did you just say?” he asked, with his eyes wide open. “Father, please d…..” He dropped his tools and took off immediately. He could not contain the joy in his heart. Meanwhile, I just bought myself big trouble. Mother is going to bounce on me. 

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