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My Name Is Cain

Chapter 3 Genesis 4: 2 And she again bare his brother, Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground. Mother gave birth to another Son. The long-lost joy was restored back to my family. Father became so cheerful like never before. I was so happy for them, but it pained me a little because they shifted all attention to him and became the errand boy to everything.

After the birth of Abel, Mother stopped going out to look for water, and Father doesn’t go to the field with me anymore. He officially handed the farm over to me.“My husband, don’t you think we should expand in business?” Mother suggested. “What do you have in mind?” “Let's start rearing animals. That will help increase production. Now that our family is increasing, we need to increase in food production too.” “You are right. And Abel will be the CEO, right?” 

I told you all; mother was the boss in the house. I once suggested the rearing of animals to my father, but he turned it down. I had a million reasons not to be happy. Abel looked more handsome; his skin was attractive and beautiful, unlike mine, full of wounds, bruises, cuts, and sores. I started working in the field at three years old. But Mother won’t allow Abel to do any labor in the house, even when he was already six years old. I was nine years older than him. Abel was always with their mother, playing, eating, and sleeping. At the same time, I go out to the field, all by myself, still trying to drill a hole through dry and cursed ground. I remember returning from the field one night; really famished and super tired. I didn’t even know I could walk back home safely that evening. There were used plates on the ground when I got home, which means they’ve all eaten. I was glad food was available. I ran to my mother for mine.

“Mother, I’m back. I’m famished.” “Your food is on the shelf.” I rushed straight to the shelf where food was kept. Lo and behold, Abel was there. What the heck was he doing in the kitchen by that time? I went closer and found out he was consuming my food. “Arrghhh, Abel?” I yelled at him. I was infuriated. He was even chomping on it with so much pleasure.“How dare you eat my own portion?” I lost control of my anger. Without blinking twice, I raised my hand and slapped him on his soft face. That really left his face ugly. My hands were so strong and rough, even harder than the ground itself. He cried to where his mother was, to report to her. That was like a cub going to report a rabbit to its father. I lay hold on to the remaining food left in the bowl and began to munch it.

“CAIN!!” Mother screamed my name. The only person who could save me was Father, but he was not home then. He had gone to look for a better place for us to relocate to. I was not ready for my mother’s trouble that night, so I ran off. She was really ready to bounce on me if she had laid her hands on me that night. She looked everywhere for me; I stayed in my hiding spot until she returned home. How is that my fault that I hit my brother? I did what was wrong, and I had to discipline him. Is that right? That was the beginning of my hatred for Abel.

I could barely survive on my own out there. I spent three days away from my family, wandering the earth in search of food. I walked and walked aimlessly until I saw vultures hovering on something from a very far distance. I was so curious and wondered what that could be. I gathered my remaining strength and pushed further until I got closer to the vultures. It was a dead antelope. The vultures had feasted on some part of its body. When I checked what could have killed it, it had no scratch or claws on it or bite from a bigger animal. I turned it to side the other side. The antelope was shot with an arrow. “An arrow?” I wondered. “How’s that even possible? Only humans can make and use an arrow. How is this possible? Are there other humans on earth?” Those were my questions. 

My curiosity grew even more and more. I lacked answers to my questions, and I knew it was only my father that could provide the answers to them. I pulled the arrow from the antelope, cut out the untouched part, had it roasted, and ate to my satisfaction. While I was still chomping on the meat, I heard a loud sound from a distance, like a trumpet.“We are not alone on earth!” I said and ran back home.

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