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My Name Is Cain (chapter 8)

Father’s story of how they lost our beautiful home and made life so difficult for us made me bitterer towards them. I am very sure I would have obeyed the simple instruction and stayed away from the tree if I was the one.

After they were chased out of the garden by the angel of God, even the animals of the field became different. Their original nature changed because there was no one to teach them the way they should go. Some of them became wild, while some were now afraid of man. God was not happy with a man because he had unknowingly handed a very precious and priceless gift to the devil by that single disobedience. “Son, I am so sorry for what happened.” Father apologized. I could see in his eyes how sorry he was. “I’m not angry at you, father. I’m only wondering why God can’t even give us a second chance.” “Son, the sin of disobedience is like witchcraft before God. The instruction was simple, but we chose to please ourselves and displease God.” I was not still satisfied with that. My anger extended to God. I was not happy with him, and I blamed him for what happened. God should have removed the tree from the garden.***

Some years later, God decided to pay us a visit. That was the first time he did after my parents lost the Garden of Eden. It was on a quiet evening; we were all sitting outside our tents, having dinner and having a good time after the day’s tedious work. We heard a voice walking in the moving air. Father and Mother were the first to recognize him, and that’s because God was always visiting them every evening to fellowship with them in the garden. They quickly threw themselves to the ground to show respect. My sibling and I didn’t know what to do exactly until my mother pulled us to the ground. “Stand!” the voice said. We stood and beheld; there was a man standing in front of us, dressed in white, and his skin shone like the sun; the whiteness of his clothes cannot be compared with any white on earth, and on his head were crowns. “ADAM!” he called. “Yes, father.” That was the first time I heard my father call someone ‘’father’’ too. He was still bowing his face to the ground.

“YOU MUST TEACH YOUR CHILDREN MY WAYS; THEY WILL ALWAYS HONOUR ME WITH THEIR FIRST FRUIT. FOR I AM THE LORD, AND THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH BELONG TO ME AND THE FULLNESS THEREOF.” I had so many questions to ask but was too scared of what may happen if I spoke. “CAIN, YOU MUST WATCH IT BECAUSE SIN LIES AT YOUR DOOR.” I was shocked to hear him call my name. It was as if he was listening to my thought. “How did he know?” I asked myself. “I AM THE GOD ALMIGHTY; I KNOW THE THOUGHTS OF MAN.” His voice sounded like the moving water mixed with thunder but was still. I didn’t want to make things worse, so I kept quiet. Though I didn’t understand what he meant by sin lies at your door.

Immediately the man in front of us disappeared, and the atmosphere returned to the way it was. Father quickly rushed to the livestock farm, took the biggest and fattest animal, and killed it as a sacrifice to God. We watched him slaughter the ram and offer it on the altar he had built, and as he was doing that, he explained to us in detail why we must always obey God.*** It was time for us to start fulfilling some part of God’s commandments which says, “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it …Gen 1: 28” I had told the father that my sister, Awan would be my wife and together we will have our own children, and of course, he was happy about that. Little did I know that my mother had other plans behind me. She had already convinced Awan to accept Abel, my brother, to be her husband and not me.

From the first day Awan from born, I took good care of her because I knew one day I’d make her my wife. I made sure she was never hungry; I gave a good portion of my food every day and sometimes took her around the earth. When the day came for me to get married to her, my mother did something o bad to me, and I will never forgive her for that. “Father, Awan and I need your blessings today. I want to take her as my wife.” “I’m so happy for you, my son. But first, you will have to make me my favorite meal, so I can bless you from within me.” Without further delay, I quickly rushed to the livestock farm to get a lamb to kill and make father his meal. But Abel declined. “Stay away from my animals,” he warned. “Abel, what is wrong with you? I need to make father his favorite, so he can bless me and my wife, Awan, please,” I pleaded. “If you need an animal for that, why not go hurt one in the forest and stop troubling me.” He said blatantly. “So, you are going to deny me father’s blessing on a happy day like this?” “I don’t give a damn about that.” His words hurt deeply.

He was put in charge of the livestock; taking the animal by force would mean, I am trespassing, so I left. I quickly rushed into the forest to hunt the game for father. The animals were so far away from where we were, and that made me spend three days away from home in search of a game. I finally got an antelope, thanks to the arrowhead I picked some time ago. On getting home, I was surprised to see two new houses; one for me and the other for Abel. We now stay in different places. I went to meet my father to let him know I had arrived and could not wait for his blessings. Abel did not just hurt me deeply; he stole from me. He had already married Awan and had laid with her. I cannot describe how I felt; the pain, grief, sorrow, and disappointment. When I heard mother was the master plan behind it and father couldn’t change her mind, I cursed the day I knew they were my parents.

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