My Narrow Escape From Death Twice

this fiction is about a man who traveled to a village and almost got killed...

What I am about to tell you is based on what happened in the year 2006 when I first had a job assignment to Ugep. Do you know Ugep happens to be one of the largest populations in the whole of West Africa? Well, ill start by saying, Ugep is a community here in Cross River State, rumors had it that the villagers behave cannibalistic, in essence, eating fellow human beings, but I never believed such things existed in this part of the world until I was assigned to go deliver a project to someone at Ugep. Ugep has a lot of fetish play in their community and believes in strange gods, and I happen to encounter one of those strange gods. I was leaving Calabar for a delivery job at Ugep. It never occurred to me that the day I went for the job assignment was when the people of Ugep normally do their fetish festivals.

As we embarked on our journey, the vehicle had some engine problems three to four times, and I was getting weird; my spirit and body were disturbed by these happenings, but I couldn't go back now until the assignment was over. It got to a point where we reached the federal highway, only to find out that it was blocked by the youths in Ugep. They were having a communal battle between themselves. They had blocked any moving vehicle from the two parts of the road, and we were just stocked in the holdup. So I decided to alight and move on with my journey; probably, I might find the next vehicle or bike to continue my journey; that was when I fell victim to the youths.

They tied red cloth to their head and hung a juju around their neck and waist, and held guns and machetes in their hands. They lined up a lot of travelers, both pastors, drivers, and so many others, it was a very long line, and I happened to be second to the last on the other side of the line. They will call you up and inquire where you came from and why you came to their community, and after that, they command you to line down again. They continued this process for a long period of time and went on for hours as we were many, but what I thank God for is that they did not set a guard on the other end of the line, and that was how I escaped.

My mind told me to run, and the other said, what if you get caught? But in the end, after surveying, I summoned up courage and took to my heels and ran as far as I could; ah heard them firing gunshots at me, but I was far from sight. I thank God for that, but that was just the beginning. Where I was now, I never expected to face another problem, but things just had a twist in time. As I walked through the bushes with my heart in my hands( with so much fear), I fell victim to one of their village juju. Could this get any worst? This one seems more intense than what I encountered from the village youths. They were with a machete in one hand, and they didn't talk cos they had a fetish leaf in their mouths (Afua), and that was how I knew that they had made a sentence that no one should be found outside and if found you will be killed even though you are born in that very village.

They tied me up and some men up and carried us to go and perform their rituals for the appeasement of their gods, and I knew this wasn't some child's play. This was a matter of life and death. I started talking to myself in my dialect (Efik dialect) and asking myself why I even came to this village from the onset; I got angry and talked to myself, not knowing that one of these men heard my language too, but he didn't want to cause a scene amongst them. As they marched us on, I had feelings of fear, and I also summoned the courage to talk and prayed in my heart. They had arrived at their base, and I became more afraid, and I knew other guys felt the same way I did at that moment. They took us to the backyard before the place where the sacrifice was being made; then, they had these other youths. They called them Ukwa men.

They did some incantations and then released one man and took him to the backyard, I heard some shouting and screaming, and then the voice died down; I closed my eyes and wished what was happening was a dream, but it was not; it happened right before my two eyes They took the second man, and I was the last, then came one of these men, he asked where I came from and why am here at this kind of time, I explained to him who I was and made him understand that I was given a job assignment to deliver and showed him my bag containing mails and other important documents. He told me nothing would happen to me, and I summoned courage and wasn't afraid anymore; and after they had killed the second man, it was now my turn for the sacrifice, but that man who heard my dialect and talked to me blocked them from carrying me. They danced and did incantations and charged back again, but the man had blocked them again; the man tapped me to run and but I didn't understand, and he tapped me again, and I took to my heels and ran as far as I could again, and that was how I escaped death twice in one night.

I ran till it got to point ah almost ran past the house I was supposed to go, then I returned back and got hold of myself When I entered the house, I couldn't hear anything for like 30 minutes, I was unconscious for a moment then I came back to the reality that I wasn't dead. I thank God for saving my life twice cos if I didn't come back alive, who would have known my whereabouts or what I went for? I also had pity on those men that were killed that night, but all the best am alive to share my experience with you that read to the end.

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