My Neighbour @ I (episode 1)

(Ifihan- Arirehan's husband voice speaks out calling out his supposedly neighbour-Akigbe...

Ifihan:(Yawning) My brother...My brother . (Akigbe-the mad man of insanity, answers thus...

Akigbe:(Answers) My brotherly brother, Arirehan.

Ifihan: (Asking) Why gather stones like this early in the morning?

Arirehan:(Answers) Those stones are to talk to me.

Ifihan:(Stuns) Talk to you ! How?

Akigbe:(Chuckles) Brotherly!

Ifihan:(Answers) Huuuuu!

Akigbe:( Questions ) Which do you seek in mankind? Virtues or Vices?

Ifihan:( Repeats) Virtues or Vices?

Akigbe:( Cuts in ) Speak with all Brotherly love.

Ifihan: (Sighs heavily) Oh...I will take Virtues.

Akigbe : (Hisses) VIRTUES! My brother...My brother! You are wrong.

Ifihan: WRONG! How?

Arirehan:( Tongue lashes) Little wonder you are disappointed and deceived...

Ifihan :(Gasps) Eheeen!

Akigbe :( Picks one stone) I choose VICES in men for me to know that each man standing, each is a bunch of evils likely to happen anytime, any day.

Ifihan: (Questions) What are STONES to the EVILS of MANKIND?

Akigbe: (Chuckles) The hearts of mankind are like the natural HARDNESS of STONES.

Ifihan:( Stresses) Are stones not the DIVINE CREATION of the ALMIGHTY GOD.

Akigbe: (Cuts in) So are the inner hearts of mankind's souls. No one...nobody can say how it looks ...shaped or seen like.

Ifihan:(Asking) So, the hearts of mankind suffers the same fate and dilemma as the natural stones?

Arirehan: ( fires back) You said so, not I.

Ifihan:( Asks)Why gather them into a big heap? Isn't it by one side?

Arirehan:(Answers ) I was led to do so...

Ifihan: (Awestruck) GATHER STONES! Isn't that STRANGE to the EYES of the MEN around the US?

Akigbe: (Chuckles) Huuuuuu!My brother! My brother !! My eyes don't see ORDINARY men like YOU.

Ifihan:(Inquisitive tone) WHOM did you now see, Akigbe?

Akigbe:(Hard tone) S-P-I-R-I-T-S!

Ifihan: (Shocked)Spirits! Evil 🐍 or Good ones?

Akigbe:(Chuckles) Huuuuuu!Hear the MAN speaking inside your soul,Ifihan.

Ifihan: (Argues) Isn't there some evil or good spirits?

Akigbe:( Cuts in) Whichever, your eyes see them.

Ifihan :( Asking ) How come there are MANY in NUMBER?

Akigbe:(Chuckles) Huuuuuu! My brother ...My brother. Such is the VICES of MEN in our lands.

Ifihan:(Quizzes) WHAT of the VIRTUES?

Akigbe:( Beckons) Picks each stone to represent each virtue of man against the VICES of my picking.

Ifihan:(Critical-tone) Aren't we not gathering somehow seeds buds knowing that life is all about perfection...imperfection.

Akigbe: (Adamantly)At the same time, we can't close our eyes 👁️ to reality.

Ifihan:( Spellbound) REALITY! That's 😦 what?

Akigbe:(Elucidating-tone) Ifihan, on the sand of time over the ages, the 👣 footprints of mankind's virtues and vices remained imprinted once done by a 👨 man...the doer to another 👫 person.

Ifihan:( Sighs) Huuuuuu! Then, it has moved from the abyss of their perfection...imperfection.

Akigbe:( Adds) At the DAWN 🌇 and DUSK of every daybreak.

Ifihan:(Sharp-tone) Which is MUCH in number?

Akigbe: (Fires back) Start counting your plates of VIRTUES


NB:(My Neighbour @ I will be published weekly by the ✒️ writer. kindly read 📖 follow, comment, and like this week's article)

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