My Opinion On Rape, And Abortion.

The question of pro-life or pro-choice should not arise at all. Do you want to know why? Follow me

The question "Pro-life" or "pro-choice "? Should not ever arise, because women have all the liberty, especially in this time and age to prevent a pregnancy from happening. A myriad of birth control methods is available for any woman that doesn't want to get pregnant from sex. So if you ask me that question above, I would tell you I am pro-life, after all, they could have prevented the pregnancy in the first place if they did not want to get pregnant.

Now, there is a very unique twist...If peradventure, there happens to be rape, would it be okay to allow a woman to abort the pregnancy? This question is a tricky one. If we are to say Yes, it would be allowed - then it would be a sort of social boomerang, that would increase the number of times men get accused of rape, just because the women they impregnated don't want the child anymore. But, if we are to say, No, then we would be faced with the hardest gaslighting of our lifetime. So we should say NO, it is better we don't allow any abortion at all. Why? Because the advantages of saying NO far outweigh the disadvantages.

First of all, women would learn to keep their legs shut, or if they don't want to do that - make use of the various contraceptives available to them.

Secondly, we would prevent another major gender-related mumble jumble of "increase in rape crimes". The legal and investigative muscle that would go into determining whether or not "a rape happened ", another long legislative process of determining what is and what is not "rape" would be saved - and its resources put to better use for the State.

The second layer to this - IS ABORTION, MURDER? Yes, in my opinion, it is. I stoutly maintain that a foetus is a Human being - since it can perform most of the functions of a normal human.

Movement, respiration, and so on... And even if it is not, would put the sole decision of whether a Child should Live at the discretion of the woman, not peradventure neglect of the fact that a man had a role to play in its formation? Would it not be pure injustice to prevent him from making decisions concerning what should become and not become about t(his) infant?

Yet still, the most interesting opinion I have seen the pro-choice crowd trumpet is that "the government should not have a choice in how they use their bodies ", yet the government would be expected to provide the resources to foot the judicial and legislative processes when this issues boomerang as every "liberal " social justice issue has. Imagine the tension that would arise in homes when the wife gets to say what happens - even when a man badly needs a child but has no power to decide whether he would have a child or not. Whatever "advantages " of abortion you may conjure - the fact that injustice to a parent can likely occur, contraceptives and procedures for pregnancy prevention that are cheap and affordable exist and the propensity false allegations of rape could multiply - is enough reason to redirect the spotlight.

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