My Ordeal

The story on a once mad man.The story had it that I lost my parent and elder siblings to a robbery attack while en route to our village. I was spared only by air breathed. I grew up amidst my extended family. Growing up wasn't so fascinating because I was denied some basic needs. My childhood friend always made up for those things. He would always assure me that I have a bright future. I shouldn't allow what I'm going through now to deprive me of that.

Well, I had many options which were quite illegal, and the tide changed when I was fourteen. In a quest to break free from my not-so-good past, I visited a necromancer to foretell my future. She's popularly known as the witch of Endor. That was her profession, and it has been since time immemorial. "Noemi's..., You have a bright future. In fact, your name will ring through eternity. In short, your name and your deeds will outlive you. You just need some spirits to assist you in getting there." I shook my head like an agama lizard sinking everything in.

With my face bowed towards the earth, I asked, "Queen of Endor, what can I do to get the assistance of the spirits?" She gave shrill laughter that almost pierced my spine into twain. "It is simple; you'll sleep at the tomb close to the ocean for three weeks. Your new name shall be called Niogel." I wanted to protest when she gave an instruction, "You can not back out; if you dare it, you'll be miscreants for life." "Ok, my Queen, I'll do as you have said" With shaky feet, I slid out of the shrine and went straight to the tomb.

The first week was hell as I got to meet different spirits of sizes and shapes, giving me food to eat in the middle of the night. I dare not protest, or I'll be beaten mercilessly. I received instructions at intervals to lift some rocks, which I couldn't imagine doing, but I did that effortlessly. I began to reason; could it be that I'm empowered for my bright future? Two weeks into my stay, I began to have a high thirst for blood. I knew this was wrong, but this thirst was insatiable. I had no option but to munch on the travelers walking the path.

The next day, I saw some group of hefty men come through the city to bind me with heavy chains, but with little resistance, I tore them apart like a piece of rags. Week in and week out, whenever I feel the urge for blood, I'll pick any of the travelers to quench the thirst. People began deserting the path, and I was left with no option but to drink my own blood. So I'll smash my body on hard sometimes just for blood to gush out.


Then came this day; I was really thirsty for blood when I saw some group of men coming in my direction. They seemed to walk in a group, but a particular man at the forefront walked alone.

I could feel the excitement within me to go after my prey. With it surge like an electric shock, I ran out of the tomb to have my fill of him, but I was awestruck. I found myself saying, "have you come to judge us before the time?" I saw him surrounded by fire, and that quenched the thirst for blood. "What is your name?" He said with calmness. "I am Neomis..." I wanted to say when I heard a voice roaring through me like a rumble of thunder, "we are many; we are Niogel..." I couldn't understand what was really going on.

I was trying to process the whole thing when I heard from within me, "Do not send us away from this coast; send us into the swine" Who are we? Am I going nuts? "Who are we?" I intend screaming when I saw little creatures like a million ants begin to move out of my body into the swine. The swine ran straight to the ocean. It was as if a veil was lifted off my eyes, and my senses returned to me. And I saw him, my childhood friend; I screamed his name from afar. I wanted to bond with him like before, but it was short-lived; the owner of the swine practically chased my benefactor out of the coast. I pleaded to go with him and be his slave forever, but he said I should wait behind because I had work to do for him on my coast.


This is my story!

This is my song!

Praising my Saviour all day long.

This is my story!

This is my song!

Praising my Saviour all day long.πŸ™‡

Perfect submission

Perfect Delight

I, in my Saviour

I'm happy and blessed

Watching and waiting

Looking above

Echoes of mercy

Whispers of love.πŸ™‡

This is my story!

This is my song!

Praising my Saviour all day long.

This is my story!

This is my song!

Praising my Saviour all day long.πŸ™‡



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