My Parent's Star Girl

Parents Vs Strangers...Parents play a major role in a child's success. I remember when I checked my jamb results in 2020, I passed because I scored above 200, which was all I needed to apply for my desired institution. But, I was not happy.

I wanted a higher score; I expected more. Even when I knew I didn't deserve more. Funny right? I went to register and started preparation for jamb a month before the exam. Before that time, I had no urge to write jamb. Something led to another, and I found myself in jamb hall. I wrote my exam on the first day, and the results were released two days after.

When I saw my results, ehhh. I had two reactions. I was very happy I scored above 200. I was sad I didn't meet my desired target. I cried ahh...But my parents were supportive. They commended my efforts and told me well done. They even bought me a gift as an encouragement to do better in my post UTME. They never for once mocked me of my jamb score. They never said anything bad, and that motivated me to do better.

It was hard for me then. Because I was writing all my external exams together. 2020 was a tough and fruitful year for me. I wrote my jamb, WAEC, and post UTME in 2020. I even made payments for Neco but didn't write it when I passed my way. Why am I writing this? I don't even know. My parents were my greatest motivator throughout 2020. They showered me with love, encouragement, and prayers. I think that's how parenthood should be. It's not good to make children feel less of themselves because they didn't perform well in a particular exam. Honestly, you may be all the encouragement someone needs.

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