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๐Ÿ“Œmy Perception Of Reading Habits And Culture.(1)

๐Ÿ“ŒMY PERCEPTION OF READING HABITS AND CULTURE.(1): Reading culture in our society

I have difficulties reading sometimes. I do not have them because I can't read A, B, and C's; I have them because of some factors_ maybe not big enough to give an excuse, but they are impactful dangerously. Recently I read somewhere that there was a Decline in Authorship. Magret Atwood quoted _ "A word after a word after a word is a power."

There are innumerable quotes on reading and a billion suggestions about the efficacy of reading. I have found in recent times that in the society we live in, it takes a high level of discipline to read and cogitate over the things that we have ingested into our minds through reading. Nigeria as a country is noted to be amongst African countries which have the highest reading populations, but also it shows us why in Africa, we have a problem with being knowledgeable.

If Nigeria has the highest reading population in Africa, the report says _ "In Nigeria, reading culture has suffered from widespread poverty, corruption, ineptitude and a dearth of dedicated quiet reading spaces like libraries. The decline in the standard of education has seriously affected reading ability." Then the quote in, which said once that if you want to hide something from an African,' put it in writing.' It is because we have little time to be patient to read; we have little time to study.

These are the resultants of the above-quoted reasons for a decline in reading. From my own personal experience, I know that as a reader and a writer, at certain times, there's a beclouding over my mind when I'm not in the right environment to read. I read books like math, and so a single conversation, a noise, a moving vehicle, and activities around me can stifle the flow of my understanding when reading a book, and it is the same when I write. I used to go hard on myself for days for not effectively writing, but it was because I was not effectively reading as I should.

Sometimes I wake up by 7 am and read until 7 pm, not because I'm trying to pass a marathon race for reading but because I want to absorb everything that the book I am trying to project. I heard Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talk about the time she took to write; it was not rocket science. The rest of the time was for reading and studying other works. It's funny that we live in a country that has billions of writings by thousands of writers on platforms, but I do not see people sit down to discuss books or appreciate them. It is because Nigerians and Africans write just to alleviate money issues, and thus, we lose the essence of writing.

Sometimes I write too for money, and I feel guilty that I didn't give it my best because I have read the works of Mark Twain and Shakespeare; I have read Achebe and Adichie, and all I see is passion and detailing_ All good things take time. It is funny that so many of our new generation authors write void content; I do too sometimes because there's no relaxation to sit and appreciate reading first of all, Then also sit down to give it the best. How much do we even appreciate books on this continent?




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