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My Pride

Keeping one's virginity these days looks like a herculean task because of the prevalent moral decadence most especially among the teeming youth. This piece is meant to drive home how priceless it is to remain pure despite immorality being the order of the day.

Hello babe,
I heard him gently whisper.
I can't live without you.
It's visible to the blind,
You're the belle of the ball.
If you were to be tears,
I swear I will never cry.
My love for you is like an ocean,
I swear it can never dry!
You're the sugar in my tea.
You're the butter in my bread.
How I wish you could be my bride,
I pledge to hold you tight no matter what betide.
With a grin face and wry smile I replied:
Here you come again,
Like a green snake under green grass,
You want me to exchange my gold for brass.
A devil in French suit,
Heir of Lucifer with cannibal's tooth,
You want to drag me through the mire,
Like a nail, you want to puncture my destiny's tyre.
You want to take me on a fantasy ride,
And dump me once you've taken my priceless pride.
With your sugar-coated mouth,
You've drowned numerous girls in a pool of shame.
You promise them heaven on earth,
Paradoxically, you hail from the pit of hell!
How many hearts have you broken?
I guess only the heavens can tell!
Like a snare on their way you lay,
With your soothing words, you've led them astray.
Next on your agenda is my humble self,
Hell-bent on taking me as one of your prey.
You've had a bad market.
You've really missed your target.
I'm an invaluable jewel,
I'm certainly not a cheap asset.
I will give my pride to the crown of my life,
Only after we've tied the nuptial knot.


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