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My Regret

Some mistakes we make can never be corrected, especially the ones that become a thorn (scar) in our flesh. In this story, Cindy's silly mistake landed her in a state of bereavement, she wished she could turn the hands of time but it was too late.

My name is Cindy; I am a teenager. I am the only child of my parents. One fateful Friday night, I sneaked out to a party, leaving my sick dad behind. Before my mum left for church that evening, she instructed me to take good care of my father, but I left home a few minutes after she left. I lied to my dad that I was going to get his drugs from a nearby pharmacy, and it was past eight already.

My dad refused when I told him about it, he begged that I should stay till my mum returned from church since I was the only one at home at the moment, but I was adamant. I was already having fantasies about what the party would look like ( Get-together party), and I didn't want to miss out. My friends were all going to be there; there would be music, food, a dance challenge, and all sort of games.

So I told Dad that I wouldn't waste much time, kissed his forehead, and left. I had barely gotten to the junction where I was going to get a vehicle when I remembered that I didn't keep Dad's inhaler on his side; the inhaler was inside my handbag. My dad is asthmatic and has high blood pressure. I deliberated on going back to get him the inhaler, but on second thought, I would be late for the party. Besides, Mum would return soon, so I left.

Just when the party was about to get funky, I got a call to return home as soon as possible. I came back and met a crowd at the entrance of our house; Mum saw me and screamed. Aah! Cindy, you've killed your father! Where did you keep the inhaler? I was gasping for air; I ran inside and saw Dad's lifeless body lying on the floor.

A key moment I will never forget in my life. I wish I could turn the hands of time; I would have corrected my mistake a million times. I still can't forgive myself; the guilt inside me is terrible.


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