Ugochi Favour 1 year ago

My Sad Shadow

This poem depicts depression as a person...Like a shadow, he clings to me; Even in the face of the sun, he's hanging as my unseen tail;

Like a shadow, he clings to me
Even in the face of the sun, he's hanging as my unseen tail.
Constantly wagging to remind me he's a part of me now.
He challenged my self-esteem to fight for ownership of my mind.
It's clear who lost because I mean, the winner stays...
 He took control of my serotonin, twisting it to his taste turning my world into a colorless display of dark emotions...
Sometimes he pushes me into the sunlight 
Nice I know right?
I feel that color for a moment with my eyes closed and suddenly he pulls me with inhuman force right back into the place of bitter darkness and anxious shadows
He lives rent-free in my mind 
Commanding my thoughts in the path of pessimism.
He bought me this precious gift that glows even better with every stroke of his hurtful lash.
A smile
A big beautiful and lifeless smile.
That hides his scars from the world.
It's so beautiful that no one sees through it.
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