My Safe Place.

Create your own happiness...Where else could be my happy place?; If not, my sewing room; Where the magic happens;

Where else could be my happy place?
If not, my sewing room
Where the magic happens
Constructing beauty from seemingly nothing
I cut out pieces from a whole
And make them into a more profound whole.

On the cutting table lies the magic wand
Oh yeah, that's my scissors
That gives me the best feeling ever
As a bright new pattern takes over all thought
That same feeling a surgeon has while operating
Or a sculptor, while using his chisel
The equipment whose usage requires self-confidence
Since it either makes or Mars the priceless fabric
When the operation is over.

At my best corner of the room stands my beautiful butterfly machine
Given to me by the best woman in the world
Its drawer contains the essentials of my work
The stitching needles and my rainbow-colored threads
Plus, the long yellow tape that calms my nerves
Whenever it lays on my neck, all long and cool.

My safe place
Where I feel like a lord
Being able to give people self-confidence through their appearance
With the thread of hope and the strength of the needle
I stitch stories of memories and feelings
The suit and tie of the first day at work
Or the pure white wedding dress of a fair lady.

My safe place
Where I'm free to express myself through my creation
Without boundary or restriction
There's pride in creating something unique
Keeping the brain awake and the body busy.

I never knew I could feel this lit up
Heart burning with desire
To be on my sewing machine
Striking, swinging on the go
Just like I'm using a bow
Trying to put fabrics together
Hem them in or hem them out
In a manner so congruous.

Oh, my safe place
I'm sorry for not finding you earlier than now
I weep for the days of wandering
Without the knowledge of your comfort
Nor the peace you bring
Now I know, I can come to your shed
Whenever I'm being scorched by the unending troubles of the world.

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