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My Scariest Encounter 3

I could have known better! What a waste of ..... Find out for yourself...This world stinks! Its pungent smell seems to superimpose the sweet savoring that springs out from the chosen.

The wind changed to something dead, wafting up from the darkened pit. What a wicked world! It felt like the memory of something long forgotten. The last time I did run was during my youth service year. My mind was running fast but my legs were walking. Because I couldn't continue anymore as I panted heavily, I had to run into a nearby shop.

I requested to sachet water and squeezed the hell out of it until its last drop. "Why are you sweating so profusely? Is there a problem?" The shop owner asked me. "No... I'm okay" I responded immediately as I perused the shop carefully. While doing that, I saw an inner room. It looked more like a store room. "Sir, can I please stay in there? The truth is that I'm being chased and they'll surely be here any moment from now" I said, gasping for air as I pointed towards the door. " No. That place is a mess. It hasn't been swept for over a year now. It's not conducive my dear..." He explained.

What he was saying wasn't making sense to me. I needed to hide and whatever I set my mind to do, I do it. I quickly ran into the store room and lock the door behind me. "Well, suit yourself" he murmured. I was never a serious Christian. I hardly pray nor attend church activities. I was only 𝒂 π’”π’–π’π’…π’‚π’š π’Žπ’†π’…π’Šπ’„π’Šπ’π’†. Praying at that moment wasn't an option for me. I found it difficult to pray especially since now was in trouble. I mean, how can I call on someone who I don't reverence for help.

Will he answer? I was wading in the ocean of guilt. Everywhere was calm, not until two men ran in breathing heavily.

"Excuse me, sir, have you seen any girl around here? She's very fair in complexion, average in height, and somewhat chubby". One of the men explained as he illustrated what I looked like. While the other one was busy looking around. I saw everything that happened because I peeped through a hole. "Okay wait, let me show you a picture of her," He said as he searched his pocket. How they got my picture, I couldn't tell. He showed the shop owner my picture. Although he looked very shocked but thank God I had told him about my ordeal, so he stood in for me.

"What? I haven't seen anybody like this today" He said but stammering, which sent a signal to them that he was lying. He could have done better than that, but I couldn't blame him. He was just an old man. "No! That's a lie. Jeff doesn't believe him. I'm sure I saw her run in here. My eyes can't deceive me". The other man said. He was looking like an assassin and was more brutal than the other. "Remember, we can't get back empty-handed. Our family's life is at stake here". He added in a low deceitful voice. My heart skipped on hearing that. So it's two things involved here. It's either I get killed or their families do.

They pushed the man aside and searched every nook and cranny of that shop, except the one I was in. "Kaaarrrmmm.." A sound came. It sounded like a container had been smashed or stepped on. Did I just do that? I whispered to myself, closing my mouth and placing my hands on my chest in awe. "What's that noise"? Jeff asked. They approached the store room swiftly posing as someone who was really to fire a bullet. As they approached, I moved back making more cracky noise. The old man didn't know how to stop them.

On my side, I gently opened the door because if it was locked inside, it's enough reason to prove that someone is really in there. I quickly hid at the back of a dusty cupboard with cobwebs all over it. That should be the breeding site of all the rats in the world. Well, I mistakenly shook it and all of them jumped out. I could tell, they were excited. As they held the door handle, the shop owner shouted from behind, "I think it was a rat! That's an old store that hasn't been opened for a long time.

He went on explaining just to scare them away and convince them not to open the door, but all tactics were to no avail as they threatened to shoot him dead if he persisted. The long-awaited opportunity is now here, the rats must have whispered to themselves. As they went ahead opening the door, those eager creatures found their way out. Yuck! What's this? Mehn!! Do you train rats? They asked expressing anger. "Let's leave here. I think no one's here. This man looks like a psycho." Rat dealer!! They chorused as they left for the door.

We never knew that statement was just a tactic they employed to ensure that I wasn't there. When he thought they had gone far, the old Man said "Cowards!" laughing hard. That was the biggest mistake he made as ..... What happened next…? You'll find out soon☺️

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