My Song Of Hope

There is my mother; Wandering around the street hustling to strive in the blazing sun; Waving at the men working in the sawmill;

There is my mother,
Wandering around the street hustling to strive in the blazing sun,
Waving at the men working in the sawmill,
Sweating and cutting wood with electrical machinery,
My mother carefully gathering the firewood to make a delicious delicacy spice for the supper,
The sawmillers complaining about the bad governance in the nation,
It's the song of the streets.

Africa mother, gently whistling to sell,
Just to make us comfortable with a Penny,
A mother with dignity, she's beautiful and wonderful mother,
Who carried me for six months.

Mother always sings to my ears ' patience is virtue ' whenever I realized I'm born and raised under the bridge,
Her tales at night captivate the blissful soul of the children around the streets,
It gives them sweet dreams and makes them sleep happily at night.

Atupa Mi she's indeed my muse and my lyrics,
Anticipating for my star to shine,
After many years getting a degree then I joined the league of the unemployes,
Graduate at work searching for job, yet I lose hope after hearing the song of ' No vacancy '
It's same song we hear everyday.

Yet my mother never stop advising me,
She always tells me quotes that motivate my spirit that makes me hungry for success,
I wish I could Save mum from the dreadful hand of poverty,
Now I believed education doesn't favor in my Nation,
It's song of the street,
We believe it's still in progress.

I never stop wandering around search for job but still faced same song ' No vacancy ',
Walking on my barefoot on the hotty road,
I was nothing, but a true definition of poverty,
I'm a rejected empty vessel in front of the creator I guessed,
Does he exist I voiced out?

He never watched on me, still in my rags and scarfs,
Suffering and stabbing in pain,
I received no condolence on the death of my sweet mother in my realm,
What a cruel world we live in,
Yet I never stop singing the song of hope
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