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A brief intro to my personality...I'm Nuhu Bulus by name the 4th out of the order of 6 comprising of 4 girls and two boys I happen to be the youngest son and thus mummy's pet😂.

I was born in the kano state of northern Nigeria on the 10-02-2003, an indigene of Gombi local government Adamawa state, .thus a qualified Nigerian. I started playing school at Jos in the then ADC academy Bukuru Jos plateau state.

I then did my primary education at Sasilka nursery, primary and secondary school always Kusar of Borno state, and my secondary education at E.Y.N CSS Kwarhi Mararaba Mubi of Adamawa state .currently studying for a B.Sc degree honors in Biotechnology at The Modibbo Adama University (MAU), Yola Adamawa State.

An inspired writer and also a huge fan of reading novels, also a gospel song writer\singer.I'm very jovial and fun to be with. I smile a lot. It's evident in all of my pictures, and I aspire to one day be a very successful writer and singer to be able to reach out to the lost world. I believe one day, this small boy can make it happen; even though I come from the most highly terrorized region of Nigeria, I do not count that as a barrier, but first, it starts with you making a difference by supporting us in every possible way till we grow because the future of Nigeria and the world entirely lies in our hands.

It's nice meeting you. I remain humbly. Nuhu Bulus 😊

#supportthefuture of Nigeria


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