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My Thoughts - Friendship

One thing I love about myself is the habit of having less circle of people around me. I do that not because I'm scared of getting hurt, albeit it's one of the reasons, but the main reason is that I hate insults in my life, so I don't welcome over-familiarity.

When you get so close or attached to people, these people can override you and not take you seriously if care is not taken. If I'm friends with someone, I love to respect that person's decisions. I could tell when it comes to friendship and when it comes to seriousness. Let's take, for example, that I'm your friend, doesn't give me the audacity to cheat you, or Rob you off your money, or take you for granted, and stuff like that. And I hate to hurt people, so most times, I like to distance myself a bit from people and take time to scrutinize my actions. I know I can a be very stubborn, but like I often say, I disturb people that I love - it is not a new thing; people do that too, you know. When you're close to someone, you feel free and comfortable, you can showcase your true self, and that's the kind of person I am. I don't fake my attitude; I don't fake my emotions or my identity as an individual; trust me, it sucks. 🥴🤢

So when my friends start to say that I am troublesome, stubborn, and more, I just laugh because that's me😁. Now back to over-familiarity.

It is alright to have companies; I am not against it, but all I can say is that let these people you allow into your life be the right persons. I recommend that you allow God to direct you on it. Yes is true that people come and go, the fake ones are the one that goes, and the real ones stay. With God's help, I don't think you could make mistakes in having friends. God brings people to your life for a reason, and that's to aid you, and in return, you become of aid to them too. God doesn't bring people into your life, so to hurt you, no!

But the issue is that we ignore the devil skims. We must realize that Satan can ruin a good relationship to prevent you and that person from accomplishing God's plan in your lives. He already knows what will happen if he allows the relationship to continue. So this point, you shouldn't blame your friend or hate them over a dispute or a painful experience. The devil is at work here! Once the devil is out to stop you, he destroys even the things we ignore or call minor. Anything that will lead you to greatness, he will go after it. So inasmuch as you find these sets of good friends around your circle, do not be ignorant of the devil's tactics. Follow that friendship with fervent prayers, Wisdom, and Love. In times of dispute, seek God's help, and most importantly, learn to understand yourselves. 

Don't hate your friend because of one mistake; instead, pray that they will see the light again. I don't know about you, but I would say avoid over-familiarity, learn to be a bit distanced or strict, even if you guys are the playful types, and learn to respect each other. 

I'm a friendly person, but I love to distance myself from people a lot. Now at that point, they probably think that they've hurt me or I hate them or whatever, whatever... Lol... At that point in my life, I usually feel like I am allowing too many people in my life, and so I cut it off immediately. I specifically select the kind of people I share my life with. Firstly I check the person's mentality and how well he encourages people. I don't care if the person is a well-respected madam or Sir... I don't care if the person is favored by all. I don't fathom such things, and I only go after wisdom and discernment. I could literally tell when someone was speaking out of point. I love to encourage people, so I encourage them according to their stories and God's leading.

I'm not here to talk about myself. But this is all I have to say. Choose your friends. Don't let them choose you.

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