My Time My Season

A story that reminds its readers of everyone's season and times. A man down today can be up tomorrow, respect someone else space when you are up.

We heard the exciting news that Beauty was getting married during our university days. 

Just like her name, she was indeed Beautiful with her shape and flawless skin. Guys flocked around her in the department, and even lecturers shamelessly wanted a flick with her, but a handsome engineer won her over.

As a department, we taxed ourselves, bought her a present, and were equally there to share her joy. A year later, another beautiful girl in the department was taken, and before we graduated, we had about six weddings. But before then, something happened. While waiting for a lecturer one fateful day, I rushed in late from the market where I sell okrika as a side hustle to help me in school. I saw an empty seat and quickly sat down so sweaty and was a little happy the lecturer delayed, but I was asked to stand up by a girl there because she kept the seat for someone else. I looked around, and the hall was filled because the said course was being offered by other departments related to mine, which made the hall kind of rowdy.

"Ahh, where's the person? I asked. 

"She's coming, she replied. 

"Okay, I paid my fees o, and the seats here are for everybody. "When she comes, let her find a place to sit," I said, and that was where the problem burst. 

Oh, did you know I had this bad bow leg that made me not attractive because I tend to be short and not really the classy taste they wanted?

Her friends around, which happened to be my coursemates, began throwing hurtful words at me, and during the process, the person that was supposed to own the seat walked in and met the whole hullabaloo. "So she's the reason you all wanted to eat me raw because she's a married person or what?" I asked. Ahh e pain you? Who go marry you sef? A girl there asked me, and I heard a laughter which broke me more. 

I was 25 years old then; I gently took my bag and left the hall. We all graduated, served, and everyone faced life differently. Wedding invitations kept flying here and there from my schoolmates, and I was busy with my business. I stepped up having a classy boutique, and that was where a client came to get clothes from me, but she came with her senior brother. Her brother got interested and kept visiting me from time to time. I was 30 by then and in no serious relationship because of my look. Little did I know my client gave a good report about me when her brother asked about my kind of person. 

On Saturday, I was alone working on a record when he entered, and I welcomed him. "Uhmmm, Patience, I want to ask you something", he said, and I nodded, giving him my attention. "If I'm to sponsor your surgery... I mean, uhmm, I know a good surgeon who can make your legs straight again. I really want to see you walk well, you're a beautiful and lively lady, and I want everyone to see that, he said, and I was just looking at him, speechless. Truth be told, I hustled so hard so I could get money for surgery to eliminate the shame. I tried to have a thick skin and love and accept myself the way I am, but I failed the more I tried. 

Having countless broken relationships because of my condition really hurts. Sometimes my friends put me on a hookup, and the guys suddenly get discouraged whenever I appear. My self-esteem was gone knowing I was already 30. Then I'll remember the girl's words, Who go marry you sef? I needed a companion, and it was looking almost impossible. Here was someone saying he would pay for the surgery all by himself, and right there, I just cried. The surgery was successful after a month, Fred told me, and I couldn't believe it until I saw myself in the mirror. My legs were straight, and Fred whispered in my ears, "You're beautiful".

That was something I hadn't heard for a long time. Though guys who saw me desperate used that word trying to get to me either for bed or for money, this time, it was so genuine.

Two months later, I heard another colleague of mine was getting married, but Fred engaged me on my 31st birthday, just two weeks before the wedding. I was beautifully dressed in a peach silk gown and stormed in there. Wow! They flew from all angles as they couldn't believe it,

"Patience, your legs are straight? Beauty was the first who asked, and I smiled. 

"As you can see, it's straight, I replied to her and noticed she had no ring on. 

"Hey, what happened? There's no ring on your finger, or you're tired of putting it on? I asked, and she smiled. 

"Well, we are divorced, but it's okay, she replied. 

"Divorced? When was that? I asked.

"Uhmm, about two years now, she replied and saw mine. 

"Wow, you're engaged? She asked. 

"Yea, two weeks ago, I replied. 

"Wow, congratulations, Beauty said. 

"Thank you, I said. 

"So finally, we'll be attending your wedding, huh? The girl who asked who would marry me said, and I turned to her. 

"Exactly, and you're invited, I replied to her, and she bowed her head. 

"Patience, I'm sorry, she said. 

"For what? I asked her. 

"I know many years have passed, and I couldn't swallow my pride to apologize for what I said to you in the hall. I mocked your condition and felt you would never get married because of the way you were so laughed at with the structure of your legs.

Yes, I got married because I was different, but misfortunes sometimes don't look at one beauty when it wants to knock. I'm now a widow with two kids, and you, you'll be happily married and settled. Guess we all have our different times and space; I'm sorry, Precious said, and I suddenly went weak.

"I never forgot those words; it brought tears to my eyes whenever I remember that; it is still so fresh, but I never wished you bad, trust me. I'm so sorry for your loss, I said and gave her a hug. I was settled happily in my 30s with my kids, and it was so beautiful. Why do I share? When we think we are most fortunate and have it all, sometimes it doesn't last forever. The person you feel will never get there might be the one tomorrow to help you out when you're down.

My sight made me a laughing stock, I wondered if I would ever be like my schoolmates, but God, in his own time, made me smile when I thought my mates were far better than I was. But those I thought everything was so rosy for turned out to be the opposite; I had to help out in the little way I could. When you write someone off today, know there's a creator with a bold ink who can rewrite the person back in a better way. 

If someone is delayed today, it doesn't make it a denial. If the person is down today doesn't mean he/she will remain that way forever. The reason for that person being down today may be very necessary for the person's testimony tomorrow. Everyone gat its seasons, space, and time. Respect yours when it's your time, and pray for another who is still in the process.

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