My Virgin Maid

🍭 CHARLOTTE'S POV 🍭We got to the restaurant and we all marched in holding hands. Then John faced me saying I should close my eyes.

"What is it this time?" I asked weakly. "And you too, Bianca," Davis said, grinning. "Now, this is weird." She said, looking very confused. "C'mon, ladies, trust us." They both said, moving to our back to hold her eyes with their palm. "Davis, is this one of your tricks?" Bianca asked. "Maybe." He replied as we moved inside. I kept stretching my hands forward, making sure I didn't hit my head on something. "I am holding you, Charlotte, trust me," John said, giggling.

Soon we stopped walking, but his hands were still on my face. "Don't open." They chorused. "Guys!!" I called tiredly. "My eyes hurt already," Bianca said, making me giggle. After some minutes, I started hearing sweet voices singing. I was forced to open my eyes, and I saw everywhere looking so beautiful. Rose petals were everywhere on the floor; it was used to draw a heart. "OMG," Bianca exclaimed in shock. "Where are they?" I asked, but before she could answer, they answered behind us. "We are here." They said, and we turned back to see them on their kneels with beautiful shining rings in their hands.

They had fitted suits on, and their hair was styled. How come they quickly did that? "Since I met you, I have felt nothing like happiness and peace. For a very long time, I have kept wishing we were legally married, but I kept it to the right time." They chorused, talking to Bianca and me. "I will be the happiest man in the world if you could say yes to my proposal. Will you be my wife?" They asked, and tears rolled down our cheeks. Me, to John? An ordinary maid? To her boss? OMG! This isn't happening. No.

"Charlotte, please say yes," John said, looking very scared. I looked at Bianca, and I saw her smile at me. "Yes!!" We both yelled as they placed the rings on our fingers. We both jumped on them as they swept us off our feet. There was cheering and applause coming from the singers, and many other people who we didn't even know were present. We walked to a very decorated seat, and people kept throwing love-shaped rose petals at us. "I am so happy!" Bianca said, holding Davis. "Me too; I didn't expect this from you, John. You surprised me." I said, kissing his cheek. "I was expecting you to get surprised. I told you I would never use you and dump you like you think I would. Now I think I have proved you wrong." He said as handsome and beautiful waiters served us different kinds of foods."So this was what you were planning, that you almost entered each other when discussing." I said, and we all laughed. "It is not easy. We needed to plan it very well." Davis said, giggling. "Thank you so much for not seeing me as a commodity," I said, staring at him. "Charlotte, right from the very beginning, I never saw you as a commodity. I saw you as a beautiful young Lady who needs to be loved and cared for." He replied, smiling. "I love you." Bianca and I chorused, kissing them, and we heard another cheer from the audience, making me smile.

🍭 EPILOGUE 🍭 John and Charlotte had their weddings the same day John and Charlotte did theirs. Aunt Ruby was present to act as Charlotte's mother after apologizing to her. John bought Davis a new house where He and Bianca moved in. Angelica was fired from her workplace after they heard she was behind the Famous Bianca studio fire breakout. Because of the shame, she traveled to a very far country without telling anyone.

After ten months of their marriage, on a Monday, Charlotte convinced a bouncing baby girl. While on Tuesday morning, around 12 am, Bianca gave birth to a bouncing baby boy right in that same hospital. John and Charlotte named their girl " Comfort Walker, "while Davis and Bianca named their boy "David Smart." Davis opened a new and better studio for Bianca, and very close to it, the biggest mall in the whole town was opened for Charlotte.

🌻 AUTHOR'S POV 🌻 All glory and thanks be to God for the wonderful inspiration and great power he gave me to bring this story to an end.Thanks to all those who kept encouraging me...Thank you, I love y'all🌹🌹. As I always do, I will list out the lessons in the story.

1. Never belittle anyone; you never can tell where you will find them in the nearest future.

πŸ“ Aunt Ruby belittled Charlotte; that is why she sold her for money. She thought she would never be useful to her in the future; now, she came begging at last.

πŸ“ John never saw Charlotte as a commodity; he always saw her as a human also. This, Aunt Ruby, didn't see.

2. Always admit you are wrong when you are; it keeps you from doing anything stupid.

πŸ“ Angelica never admitted she was wrong, and when she was told, she didn't take to corrections.

3. Always support well.

πŸ“ Bianca supports good, not looking at the fact that Angelica was her sister, and that was why Davis thought of marrying her.

4. Remember to move closer to God😘😘😍...

5. If you have more lessons to be mentioned, please drop them in the comment section.

Thank youπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž Next story loading 😁😁😁I Love you allπŸ’žπŸ’ž

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