My Wish

I wish I could marry a poet...Aren't you proud you marry a poet; Audience singing differently to your ears; Poets are bad; they lie a lot about love;

Aren't you proud you marry a poet,
Audience singing differently to your ears,
Poets are bad; they lie a lot about love,
Poet like me is different from others
I love genuinely with all my heart,
You promised to stay with me ' till ' eternity,
You promised love then you changed the whole story to pain,
You left my messages unread,
Am I a dreamer?

I wish I couldn't have given my heart to you,
You make me feel guilty for loving you,
You made me realize truly love is scam,
Wondering what I have done to deserve this,
You have been lying all day about love ,
You turned me to an insane lover after giving you, my love.

It's the same song we hear on the street,
Truly ' break up na national cake ',
I gave you love; you gave me pains,
You Pierce my veins with the pain needle,
Your pains of love is flowing in my veins every day,
I memorized the first day I met you
I got attracted with your melodiously voices and exquisite beauty that makes my eyes drowsy,
Then the whole love story started
We both sat down on the tree of love, lavender
We both make love oath, we both promised ' till ' death tear(s) us apart,
We'll always be forever,
So you have been lying all days about love.
You stole my heart with your fake love Angel.

I felt your words ' yes ', I saw them fall,
Just like the autumn leaves,
I couldn't take the tears flowing in my heart,
You never realized what I'm passing through,
I thought you will be mine and stay with me forever,
I guessed this is the wages of being a poet.

Now I know we are never destined together,
You turned me to a laughing stock in the midst of my bachelor friends,
I thought you promised forever.

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