Naira Pen

This is a freestyle poem about this platform; written by me.

Had a mood swing and I grabbed my pen.
Got a paper to fill my heart into.
Cos that's my only best friend.
I have no one to talk to.

I looked for a platform to publish my poems.
Came across many platforms.
But they wanted me to pay.
Pay them in dollars for publication.

I came across Naira pen
The payments might be in Naira as the name reflects;
So I thought to myself.
I won't make payments, I later found out.

All they want is for me to grab my pen.
Just write down all I want
And my work is been published.
No much stress.

Wow, they will even reward me in Naira.
This sounds great, now I get what the name implies.
I just need to grab my paper and pen, write my heart down.
And I get some Nairas.

Oh, no!! I will need to get verified
This must be pretty difficult then.
Barely a month and I logged in.
Only for me to see the verification badge.

Wow!! Nairapen has fulfilled my dreams.
The dreams of such writing platforms have come to pass.
I need to tell my friend about this.
He seriously needs to visit
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