Neighborhood Bad Guy

This article speaks about the pedophiles in the neighborhood.

These young girls wear simple clothes because I believe they are simple-minded and clueless about what runs through this bad guy's mind. Every time I saw him look at it, I was disgusted. Every time he touched her in areas he shouldn't while she called him uncle, it was nauseating. Every time he talked and laughed with her parents and made silly jokes about marrying her, bad things danced in his thought.

Though she felt uncomfortable with his illegal touchings, she saw them as him being an uncle, but she knew how uncomfortable she felt whenever he did that. When she looks at her mother, the relationship isn't so friendly to tell her about this uncle and his bad hands. He frequently comes like a good family friend.

Sometimes when she is asked to deliver things to him at his place where his house is nearby, she takes a friend along, someone the same age as her but three is nothing more than a sweet company to him. When these girls walk home together, they don't talk about how he touched them; somehow, the topic becomes too uncomfortable for these girls to talk about.

These girls don't know about pedophiles; they call them uncles even though these uncles make them uncomfortable. So every time he comes around, she tries to hide from him though his eyes will always find her, smiling like a perverted bad guy that he is, and we have one neighborhood bad guy everywhere.

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