Neighborhood Palava

There is a block of apartments opposite my flat. No week goes by without commotion coming from there. One week, one trouble. Last week, one of the tenant's girlfriends caught him in the act with another babe. If not for the timely intervention of other neighbors, baba would have been dining with the ancestors.

This week, it's the landlord's new wife, Mrs. Tana, and the tenant in room B, Sonia. "Every living soul, praise the Lord..." Mrs. Tana hums while washing clothes. Sonia passes by wearing clothes that reveal her assets. "Some Jezebels will be roaming up and down, looking for who they'll drag to hell." "Some wives will not mind their husband's roving eyes." "Come oh, is it me you are talking to? You don't know your mate". "See this old cargo. Is your name 'some wives'? "Me! Old cargo?! Tawaii... Mrs. Tana lands a hot slap on Sonia."Yeee!! You slapped me! I will show you pepper today."

In one swift second, they are rolling on the floor, trading blows. This is not their first rodeo. Old Pa John, the compound's mediator, comes to separate them."E don do" "Are you two not ashamed of ya selves. Old woman versus small rat". "So Pa John, I'm an old woman abi? It's okay. Mrs. Tana goes to pack her remaining clothes and walks towards her room. She is heard muttering..." me, old woman, hey, you people will see."

The next day Mrs. Tana walks out of her room wearing tight bum shorts and a low v-neck that puts the top of her cleavage on display. She is singing...if you knew me before, you no go know me again.

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