Never Forget The Life You Promised Yourself At Inception (part One))

As you read this piece, I want you to be sincere to yourself, the part you're treading now, is it the kind of life you promised yourself? Read through

Hello Darling, I understand you very well I understand the fact you decided to join the wrong way because of circumstances. Ab initio you are a good girl. You didn't want to join, and I know you tried, yes truly you tried, but it seems all hope is lost. It seems the more you try to stay clean, the more unbearable it becomes, and at this point in your life, you can't do it anymore. You can't face the shame of being a school dropout all because money is not coming in again from all sides, and the only choice you think is left for you to sustain your academy is to become a runs girl.

The only choice for you it's to become a yahoo guy, the only choice for you is to become a cultist, the only choice for you is to become a murderer, and the only choice for you is to become a thief. If not all the 3years you've spent will be a waste, and it's just 1year remaining to wrap up with school hmmm. So you decided to opt-in when you get what you want, and you will opt out. Looking at this your reason it sounds good means you have every reason to do it in the negative way buh darling pause a minute.

What if you get pregnant in the process? You will say I will use protective measures hmmm sheey you've not heard of countless times protective measures failed? When you least expected it, go and ask oo. Okay if it happens Kwanu I will abort it, you've not heard about those who died in the process of abortion right? What if you survive it? What about STDs? You've not heard of a sexually transmitted disease sheey? Okay fine, after everything non of these happened to you and you finally got what you wanted and probably you stopped and continue your normal life, happily married with your lovely children Buh what if?

Somehow like somehow ooo you've moved on buh. Devil instigated in the heart of one of the souls you mess your life with in the past and he decided to release your naked video on social media. Boom!! your husband saw it, oblivious of your past life just imagine what will happen to you🤔🤔 How will you face him? Do you think he will understand you? Okay fine he might understand you at last because of love if you're lucky ooo if not Kwanu just imagine.

But if your darling husband understands you what about your innocent children when they get to watch it? What explanation would you give them that can justify your act? How will you explain to them, darling? Do you think they'll believe you? Do you think they can withstand the shame and ridicule from their friends? How will they go out knowing that the naked video of their mother, their role model is going viral on social media? Imagine how much pain it will cost them

Do you know how much of their reputation will be affected? For those that decide to join a cult or be a thief...What if you've been caught and killed? If your kids hear about your story. Will they be proud of you? I leave you with these questions darling. Be true to yourself and think about it. Then you'll know if that choice you've made or you are planning to make if it's a good one or not, I know you have every reason to do what you did or you plan on doing but look around you will see more reasons not to do it.

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