Never Forget The Life You Promised Yourself At Inception (part Two))

Many of us have treaded on this part regrettably, read through to have understanding.

My darling, I understand that You've dwelt so long in this mountain. Ahh! I am 30 and still single. My age mates are all married with children I'm the only one left out. Not that I'm not beautiful. I'm even a graduate. So why's my case different? All the suitors that have been coming my way are bent on tasting before buying. They want to know how good I'm in bed before they can come and see my parents. Could it be how others are getting their own married now? Hmmm...But come to think of it 🤔🤔

Since it's the marriage we are talking about here, let me Just give him one chance, after all, he will marry me... hahaha and you decided to give in. Boom he stops calling, and he stops picking up your calls. He lost interest like he lost interest after sleeping with you and your heart is shattered more depressed than when you dey your dey oo in tight with your dignity. Now you lost your dignity, your pride and you also lost him. Sorry sweetheart, so you didn't ask a question. You were not informed? That many have broken because of the issue of tasting before marriage and you gave in without considering the decision you made to yourself at first. You forget the promises you made to yourself and your creator. Hmmm....mmmm

It's now you are almost at the promised land that you spoilt everything, you forget that marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge. Heb. 13:4. Now you are regretting your actions. That's why I write this to you so you don't make the same mistakes many made and didn't come out of it "jukwa ese" go and ask before you commit yourself to that fruitless journey of no return

Remember who you are, remember where you're coming from, remember the life you promised yourself, remember where you're now, and remember where you're going.

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