Never Forget The Life You Promised Yourself From Inception (part 3)

Continuation! Read through. Darling... Yes I understand you've been wandering around being jobless. People are calling you names. Your friends are mocking you even your own family is not helping matter...

Not that you're not seeing job opportunities but each of them comes with one condition from the pit of hell and because of who you are and where you're coming from you can't bring yourself to compromise••

But this one came with an attractive salary and the only way to get the job is just one night with the managing director. As it is now you're already faded up after all it's just one night nobody will find out so you will for once get a job and come out of this ridiculed life•••

And you resolved to do it just once you will get it you even muttered words of prayer to God, asking him to help you come out safe that one night•

And finally, you did it•And you didn't think right. Do you think you're the only one who applied for the job? Don't you think he will still ask others to have a one night with him too? You've not heard about those who he slept with, and yet they lost their job? Okay fine

If you are lucky enough to get the job. Do you think it will end there? You don't know while working there he will be demanding for one night every week? The day you'll refuse the day you will lose your job ... yesssss••Imagine how he will regard you in that office. A loose woman of course who doesn't have any value.

So sweetheart, why do you want to go the other way think about it very well? Why do you want to go any length so you can have that job? Think about the implication. Think about it again, again and again

So you will save yourself from the shame.



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