Never Forget The Life You Promised Yourself From Inception (part 4)

The finale

Oh my darling, I understand your predicament. No nah I've been barren for good 15 years I've prayed, prayed, and nothing is happening. It seems as if my page is closed, I don't even understand, and the truth is medically proven. My husband and I are okay, and any foetus that formed 3 months mafter iscarriage will happen again, I'm really tired, and I can't continue like this forever.

Everyone sees me as the devil; they call me names, They call me a witch; they said I aborted all my children while single my mother-in-law calls me a man; no I need to get to the root of this problem. There's this place my friend is advising me to follow her to see babalawo, and all these ceaseless ridicule will end. The other prophet said the only remedy to conceive is to take me to the river, bathe me naked and then make love to me. By that way ,I can be able to conceive for my husband...

You thought of it after all he's a prophet, a man of God hmm, and you decide to go with his formula, but finally, nothing happened. How can you now explain to the people who pressurized you? Do you think they'll applaud you? Chai, you failed yourself again men and brethren, the list will continue in this manner. Find where you belong and listen to me.

Like I said I understand the motive which is driving you , but what will become of you after doing it in secret, one day it spills out. Nothing is hidden in this world oo, when you thought you did a clean job somehow breeze go blow fowl yansh go open. Think about the shame and desist from the easy way of regret Think about the implication, and desist from that journey of no return. There's a way that seems right to a man, but its end leads to destruction. Though you have many reasons to do it even at that, there are much more reasons not to do it

See... Many have done it the wrong way and didn't come out of it, do not be part of it, and again many passed through the same challenge with you and even more yet endured till the end. So never think life is treating only you bad, many are on the same ladder as you. Wait darling, be a little more patient I know you've tried, but the loss is not worth the years you've endured. The pain is not compared to the gain therein, hold on to God for surely He got times and seasons in his hands, and at the appointed time all these storms will be over, and you will laugh at the end.

Remember there are 101 reasons to keep holding on so while you want to compromise, remember the life you promised yourself at inception and return to the original landmark.



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