Never Give Up

Are you going through hell? That makes you always yell? Just keep going Keep pushing...

Black may be the clouds above you, and heavy may be the odor of your grief. Don't let this leave boils of sorrow on your face. Yeah, the road might be long and harsh, but that shouldn't make you despondent, nor make you lie sinking, like a boat left at the shore, or make you dissolve like lumps of sugar candy. 

You may fail but try to fall while still fighting. Dear you, running away from your troubles won't save you. Remember that a moon does not hide among stars, nor can stars be concealed in the moon. Plant your feet and take a brace, eyes front, head high to the finish. 

Don't let your nerve desert you, even if it will require you to cover a long distance to your destined land; please, whatever the distance, dear friend, don't hesitate to walk with the ache of the thorn in your foot and hew out the rock that barred thy way and be always ready to fight your way through. 

Trouble will, at times, try to stop your effort, it will try to take away that precious smile from your face, will try to maim your mind, but it's all left for you not to let it. You need to rise above its throng and seek the crown of fame. 

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