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Never Run Away

Just don't try to run away, Daddy will always catch you....

"You tried to run away, huh?, You think you can run away, right? This is what you get for trying to run... Yes," Daddy gave a sick smile at me. His eyes were wide as saucers, and he kept nodding his head as if affirming something in his mind. My heart thumped fast against my chest, and my hair clung to my face with sweat. I was so close, so close to seeing the light, so close to being free, so close. He walked towards me in the corner, where I folded myself in a ball. Holding my hand aggressively, he pulled me up, much to my reluctance. I writhed my hands from his hold, but it didn't have much effect; I was weak and starving. Dragging me to the next room by the right, he pushed the door open, and we were welcomed by gasps of fear from children like me. Locked up, underfed, and helpless.

He stepped in with me in his tight grip and locked the door behind, making a light filter only through the small window at the far top corner. The room smelt of dried blood, sweat, and fear. As he walked across the room, children moved further away from him, clinging to themselves for "safety." I could hear the not so silent sobs from some of them; I could guess they were from the new intakes. Older children like me have run out of tears. Far too dehydrated to cry, the only thing we could afford was teary eyes, but no tears dropped.

His grip tightened on my wrist as he raised my almost weightless self and threw me to the far wall with force. My body hit the wall and engulfed itself with renewed pain on impact. This arose a much louder fearful shriek and loud cries as the children hugged themselves for their dear life. If only I could pass out and just die in the process, I am tired; I can't do this anymore. I shook tiredly, and I gave in, willing to its weakness by lying fully on the ground. "You cannot escape from me," Daddy yelled at us with anger. "You all are mine... MINE" he turned and looked at me with disgust, "Today, one of my daughters tried to run away; she has always being the rebellious one, so now I am going to show you what happens to rebellious children who try to run; from Daddy." The door opens, and two men enter; they are all in the same psychopath group and kidnappers.

One of them handed him a hammer, and he looked at me with mock pity. He walked towards me and squatted to my lying body. Bringing his filthy hands to my face, he pushed a few strands of hair away so he could see my face. "Oh, my poor daughter, why did you have to disobey me? You never listen, and now you will have to be punished" he brings the hammer to my face, "Don't worry, dear, after this, you won't consider leaving me." 

My lips quivered in fear as my mind raced through possible ways he could punish me. My body gave a violent tremor reminding me that it couldn't hold up much longer to any torture, and my fragile heart hammered through my chest in newfound speed. He straightened, and the two men came forward, raising me up and taking me to the center of the room in front of my "siblings." With the little strength I had, I thrashed and thrashed, kicked and writhed. They were much stronger than me as I was just a weak twelve-year-old.

“Ple....please...da..daddy.. Please," I begged with trembling lips. This was the first time I called him "Daddy"; he told us to call him that, but I knew he wasn't my Dad. The cries from the other children increased seeing me so helpless. I failed them. I promised to go find help, I promised to bring them their parents, I promised to set them free, and I failed them, I failed. My eyes became blurry as I begged shamelessly. It all fell on deaf ears as they made me lie straight on the dirty tiled floor. My hands were held tightly above my head, and my leg joined together by strong hands.

"Why did you have to run away, my dear daughter? You want to leave me as your mother did." He squatted again, looking into my eyes. "Please..please, I won't run away... please, daddy, please" a little drop of tear fell off my eyes. The only amount my body could manage to produce. He looked at me intently and, in a split second, gave me a tight slap across the face. My face stung badly, and my eyes became blurry with unshod tears. "You shameless little whore, you look just like your mother," he spat angrily and stood up. "… Please.....daddy... please," my weak voice was drowned by the cries of the children; they were helpless like me. I managed to give them a glance through the corner of my eye. "I'm sorry, I failed you, I'm so sorry," I muttered as I closed my eyes shut. "Get ready, children," I hear his voice say, followed by a loud thud and a crack. Pain shot up my leg, forcing a loud scream from my already strained voice and a blackout.

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