News To Heavens!

A short parody of the present happenstances in our beloved country-NIGERIA echoes into the ears of our notable forefathers from Independence till date.

Alas! Where are thou, Eyes!
Yes...immortal beings transcend,
I mean fellow compatriots,
Insignia Land of Niger Area,
Which quarters, clans camp?
Thou ye hibernated resting,
Yoke thy labor of past heroes,
Now, albatross of dicey dilemma,
Echoes the NEWS to HEAVENS!

Step forward Sir,
Hubert Macaulay of Lagos,
Spot gray mustache,
Father of Nationalism,
Bow-tie golden fleece,
Ark the beacon of💡light,
Artist 🎨 culture, concepts,
Self-Rule by locals folks.
Culled now GAME 🎱 POLITICAL,
Giggling, Mysteries, Puzzles, Strayed posh nil plastered,
Recoiling Calls nowadays.

Oh! Rt Hon Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe,
My Excellency, Welcome,
To the forte of dialogue,
Fellow compatriot comrade,
Wasn't born you politicking,
Construe your legend, demise
The joy of juggernaut then,
Faded away nowadays,
Just like the CIvil-War,
Help 🆘 me ask Ojukwu,
If the new scion, Kanu,
Your Namesake Nnamdi
Can the script portrait
Or naughty naught?

Baba Awo, Sir Sardunna Abubakar,
Dennis Osadebey, Micheal Okpara
Oh...Ahmadu Bello...Okotie-Eboh...
Can't see Eruobodo, Ladoke
What of Enahoro Esquire, Balewa
The Class of 54,55 contingent,
Fragment Niger Area,
Collected shoaled now sick,
Not okay by Sacrifice,
Look unto the hills,
We see no eyelids now,
Gaze unto the crescent,
Moon seen afar not homely,
We Calm, odd coldly,
Suddenly issues lit light,
Fallen Coat-of-Arm,
Many to pick gauntlet.

Ironsi...Other Military Flannels,
Oh Adekunle, Nzeogwu flip,
Lest I forget Dark-eye Abacha,
Say I yank no salute,
Welding concussion legacy,
Drank us down spines,
Leaving Dark Barracks,
To Army Us Battalions,
Battle the right 💅 finger-toe,
To vote ☑️, be vote.
Kidding our noble civility,
Firm breasts...clotted Motherhood,
Suck die the Hope of 93
Make way for Elder Obasanjo.

News To Heavens!
Continues on the dot,
Mindless the rhetoric,
Can I see the gallery?
Shehu Shagari of 79 sets,
NPN, UPN, NPP et Al,
Eschew bitterness, bickering,
Send repertoire report,
To reset for Modern Area,
Back home, no backbone,
Bold speech, Baseless spinal,
Mail My Mailbox,
National conference,
Dead for the living.
Uncle Bola siddon look?

Na so their names be
Democracy Demons Crazy,
Rastafarian Fela, Gani advocate
Isola-Osobu, AKA Basorun,
Their call wasn't clarion,
Yet, we change guards in 1999,
Years later, we change gourds,
Shun party for bleak penkelemesi,
Yet the restive never abate,
Yes, we hear, shrill voices,
North, East, South, West.
Echoing NEWS to HEAVEN!
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