Nigeria Must Be Free

God in His written word told us that the blood of Abel cried out to Him for revenge (Gen 4 vs 10), He arose, approached Abel's killer, and avenged him. If the blood of human(Abel) could speak into God's hearing and cause God to act, how much more the sinless blood of Jesus Christ(God) that was shed for our deliverance from satanic influence...

Beloved brethren, for years now, we have underused this powerful tool(the blood of Jesus Christ).  At this point, we do not need a prophet to tell us that our dear nation(Nigeria) needs deliverance from the hands of the devil and his agents. I implore us all to arise and use our authority as children of God and send the powerful blood of Jesus Christ on an errand. No one should feel less concerned simply because it's Nigeria, not your individual home/family - The 'rain' might not drop directly on your roof today but do you know its next direction!

Like it happened to Eve and Adam in Genesis 3, In the past, the devil, who usually comes as an angel of light, a helper, a lover, etc., might have succeeded in deceiving our leaders just like our forefathers and out of ignorance they might have sold out themselves and the nation to the devil, but thanks to a loving and powerful God whom in His wisdom already made provision for our deliverance through the blood of Jesus Christ - They overcame the devil by the blood of the lamb...Rev 12 vs 11

Interestingly, this blood of Jesus Christ speaks better than that of Abel. So let us begin to invoke the advocacy of the blood of Jesus Christ concerning the activities of Satan and his agents in our dear great Nigeria. *Prayer:* Concerning the activities of Satan and his agents in Nigeria. Powerful blood of Jesus Christ advocates deliverance, prosperity, good leadership, and Nigeria free of corruption...this we ask for by the authority of Jesus Christ🙏 (Amen)





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