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...On my way back from the football match on a motorcycle, I shut my eyes like I've done countless times before, a practice I found rather relaxing every single time.

With my eyes shut and my ears and nose pervaded with a host of fleeting sounds and smells sending almost instantaneously as we proceeded, multiple images to the dark board behind my shut eyes; I try to focus, hoping to perhaps perceive something new, something extraordinary, like a baby crying in his crib from a house fleeting by.

I do this every time I get on a motorcycle, eventually getting to my stop with nothing short of an exhilarating feeling of hypersensitivity, which I never actually achieve - I must say oriental movies are psychologically enticing.

But not this time; this time was different; after a while, I sensed something to change, but I couldn't quite tell what it was, and although I was tempted to open my eyes, I refused. "Yes!" I was getting it!!, I had begun to transcend the confusing sounds to a realm of stability, exactly like they described it! I could find here music in the background; I could see here footsteps, but no more sound of the motorcycle.

In that soothing moment, I realized one thing, I had gotten to my stop. I opened my eyes; I was right. "Better luck next time, buddy..haha."


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