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Nnem: This article is a spoken word piece dedicated to mothers out there. ❤️❤️❤️

Ezeigbo nnem,
I have thought of so many words to describe this beautiful mother of mine.
A woman of substance and virtue.
A woman of principles, poise, and grace. A calm yet fearless woman.

A selfless woman.
A woman that fights the strongest battles on her knees.
You were the first person to happily welcome me into this world.

Who stood by me and watched till my navel fell off.
When the nurses wanted to circumcise me, you couldn't bear to watch me, as you stood at the corner of my room and watched in pain and sadness to my circumcision.

Your breasts are full of the fountain of my first vitamins and minerals.
Oh! How your soft hands caressed me to sleep whenever you bathed me and dressed me.
How I would always recognize you from afar, by just your unique scent of smell, when my eyes were still fragile to see the world.

The first step I made, you were there to cheer me on.
I was told you wanted to train me on how to eat solid foods, so you dipped your first finger into that pepper-ish stew into my mouth.
For hours I was drooling from that.

The first time I saw the four walls of the school, I remember walking beside you watching our shadow trail behind us on the ground as we walked past Aunty Amaka's shop, as she would always torment me with the word "Taarhh!" anytime I wanted to play with sand.  Remember the day you came to school, when I was in Nursery 2, to rescue me from those children's immunization society, as you calmly told them that I had already been vaccinated? 

7 years later, you told Sis Ifeoma how I was vibrating with fear as I stood watching as other children were crying from the injections...
(But nnem, you shouldn't have told everyone in the family, though)...🙂

On my primary school graduation day, you stood beside me to take a picture, and I saw you smile proudly at me. 
Even though you were sick that day, you didn't allow it to deter you from coming to celebrate with me.

When you stood to say something to me about the cameraman, how you looked up at me, explaining to me how many pictures I should take that day.
Although, I didn't stay with you during my high school days, your constant calls and messages were my strongest pillars to move through thick and thin.

Do you still remember, during my matriculation day at the University, how you complained that my school compound was too large, as you nearly lost your way? You almost entered the Arts faculty, but a fellow mother who was also seated beside you used her phone to reach me to direct you to my Faculty.

On my day of matriculation...
How you were constantly reminding the cameraman to make sure I look "biriful" in the "picshur"
How you held my hands and prayed for me on my journey to the University for the first time.

What more can I say?
How do I tell the world that you are the best woman in the world?
Your teachings, prayers, and words of encouragement which have stood the test of time in my life.

Nnem, I love you.
I really do.
I'll continue to love you always.

I know I don't have much to give you now, but with your constant prayers to God and my consistent discipline and hard work, I promise to make you proud.
May God keep you for me.
I Love You.
Daalu nnem.
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