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No Be My Fault Na Shayo

OH, JAH ELIJAH; Abeg, come to save your child;From the claws of this woman;I no even know whether na Jezebel or na Delilah;

Abeg, come to save your child,
From the claws of this woman,
I no even know whether na Jezebel or na Delilah,
Because she too fine past Darego and Cleopatra,
Any man wey see her go no say Baba God you finish work for her matter.

Shey na her round breast wey dey always pop out like Barca's tiki-taka,
Abi shey na the round Bakassi wey carry pass destiny etiko,
Or shey na the thick laps wey dey cause commotion for the town,
I no even understand.

But why me inside all the men wey dey ghetto estate,
Why na me con be her prey?
Me way I just talk say make come bar today bubble small cocktail,
Before I know, she don come my front dey whyne waist,
I first think say she don high, trips don make her miss way.

Then she touches my bear and kisses my face,
Omo, my body trembles, my leg begins to shake,
See angelic touch wey fit make man craze,
Then she begin to caress my body from chest to waist,
By this time I don dey leave earth small dey go another space.

Before I know, I begin spray her my allawee,
The one wey I don promise to send mama for trenches,
As she dey caress me na hin she dey order for merry,
Before I know , she knack me another better kiss for my lips,
My body first stiff, e con loosen, e con stiff again,
All the nuts and bolts of my brain run kajad ,
My body shivers, my body shake,
I still dey hallucinate when one aunty knack me one better tap for back
Oga Weldon na your bill be this three hundred thousand naira,
Shey na POS, cash or transfer,
Eeehn , three wetin...I buy person ni ,
Nooooo , na dat your babe order azul,
Ah, chimo azuuuuul.....

©️slymjosh Creàtivé

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