No Longer At Ease

To paraphrase the title of the book of one of our greats, Chinua Achebe, it is becoming more than obvious that Nigeria is vibrating to the tremor of self-destruction. Security can no longer be guaranteed; you cross where your language is spoken, and you can be dropped off like a spoke from a rickettsia wheel. Intolerance is on the rise, perpetually propagated by those who never had the opportunity of experiencing the different cultures of our Nation.

I don't wish Nigeria to disintegrate because I've been to the North, West, South, and East, and I love the diversity. But I can't speak for someone who has never left the south and went to Abuja for the first time. The difference is clear, and when they begin to tell him, "see where they are spending our oil money," He doesn't know any better than to hate on the people from the North. The North has always had the population, and by that ratio, their ability to secure votes surpasses their ability to lead and lead efficiently. They love the power more than what they could do with it.

But for the first time, they(the Arewa elders) spoke against the lack of headway of this government on security and economic issues because it's almost becoming an infection of the eyes if one doesn't see these things and say them as they are. I think we all agree the Igbos are marginalized. And do you want to know which other tribes are suffering the same fate? All other tribes except Hausa and Yoruba. So it is normal for agitations to come from all quarters; every group of individuals with a common language and cultural beliefs has the right to self-determination, especially if their being part of a larger entity doesn't advance their goals as a people. But the way the government responds would determine if the government itself is committed to a united diversity or a dictatorial university, where it is by force to remain as one when nothing seems to be working.

Nigeria has slowed down Africa enough; if only we know that getting Nigeria right is getting Africa right. We need peace, unity, security, and an enabling economy to achieve this. In true terms, as of today, the country I so much love is no longer at Ease.

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