No Pain No Gain

No pain no gain is about your suffering before enjoyment.


It's not possible for us not to encounter pain; it's something inevitable, unavoidable; if you want to achieve some great things in life, you have to pay the sacrifice by going through some pain and enduring them; the pain might come either from your parents, siblings, from the society, from a lot of failures but as someone who wants again you have to avoid that discouragement because they will surely come.

It's like wanting to pass an examination you will have to take the pain of studying, denying yourself of some things like sleep, films and all that just for you to pass, that's how it is in achieving your dreams you will have to deny yourself of somethings, devote yourself to it, go through some pain before you can achieve them.

Chances are you’ve heard the quote “No pain, no gain” before. Especially if you enjoy hitting the gym and getting a nice pump going on, what this means is that to make your muscles grow, you’ll have to shred the fibers so they can grow back bigger and stronger. This progress causes physical pain because you’re tearing apart your muscles, but the reward for the pain is always worth it.

Many people don’t realize that this golden quote applies everywhere. Even outside your local gym. In all the different areas of your life.

Fitness, spirituality, finances, mental health. You’ve probably faced different challenges and setbacks in these areas, but have you ever wondered what kind of lesson you’ve gained? Have you ever thought about your progress and the impact that your failures have had on it?

Pain and gain in your everyday life

You probably know that you’ll have to put in the effort if you want to achieve something. Nothing good in life comes without it. Just like you have to put effort into your training to become fitter, you have to put effort into learning new skills when building a business. You’ll probably encounter pain when losing money, but those mistakes will teach you important lessons. When you’re looking for love, you’ll have to face rejection when approaching people. The list goes on. When you pursue your goals, there’s some pain you’ll have to go through to reach them. It may be physical pain at the gym or mental pain and stress in business.

So, whatever your dreams are, start seeing them from this perspective. Just like at the gym, every moment of pain and discomfort will be rewarded later. Don’t be afraid to encounter pain because it’s a sign that you’re making progress. The burn in your muscles will make them stronger, the pain of getting rejected will teach you how to approach better, and the pain of losing $1000 will teach you many valuable lessons in business. 

All this is something that will help you to succeed later. Mastering any area of life will require those painful repetitions and effort. No book or any information can replace the skill you gain from your own experience. So remember, it’s OK to fail, it’s OK to be stressed, and it’s OK to feel confused. It means you’re improving! Those who give up cannot gain victory; sometimes, you try to fly and fall. Remember, your falls are not fatal; they are just a little painful; endure the pain. Clear the stains; you'll surely gain! Get up and fly again.

When you fall, feel the pain, and then stand up, you were born for victory. And failures have no place in your world; you are born to win. Wounds will show, scars will come, but you won't allow that to take away your victory. Change comes with pain. But this pain later becomes again. To explain it well, no pain, no gain! There's no gain without pain; an arrow is drawn back before it is released to get the target. Your purpose is greater than your pain, endure the pain and make a difference.

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