No Retreat, No Surrender

It won't be easy; But giving up is not for me; In a land where the sky; Is golden and bright;

It won't be easy,
But giving up is not for me,
In a land where the sky,
Is golden and bright.

And the grassy fields sway,
To the rhythm of the night,
I felt trapped in the view, 
I can’t get out of this sight.

I’ve tried to escape, 
I’ve tried with all my might,
I'm tired and fed up,
But I haven't lost my nerve.

I am he that is sworn to endure,
Through the shroud, through the cloud,
Through the storm, through the smoke,
I must fight on, win through, succeed.

Earn the grudged praise,
That never comes to meed,
I'm strange, my soul is seared,
In this amazing darkness, in the gloom,
I have come into this darkness to attain the light.
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