Nobody Is A Nobody

A poem that speaks about the importance of everyone in society...I farm the food; That gives you blood;

I farm the food 
That gives you blood
You make the fertilizer
That serves as the stabilizer
Nobody is nobody

I train you to be a superstar
A chorister, a music star
An actor and a dancer
You ease and entertain after
Nobody is a nobody

I built the road you travel
You built every chisel and shovel
We all contribute
With our input
Nobody is nobody

You preach to the world
I fight to save your world
We are all soldiers
Fighting different wars
Nobody is nobody

I vote for you to serve
You make laws to preserve
Whatever I deserve
As you are expected to serve
Nobody is nobody

I treat you when you are sick
You defend me when I make
A mistake with your legal trick
Without me having to speak
Nobody is nobody

Next time you think nobody
Except you are somebody
Forget the absurdity
And think about this aptly
Nobody is nobody

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